Proof and edit the answers on both documents.I need someone excellent in English!Please correct all grammar issuesDon’t worry About proofing or editing the 2 questions crossed outHave you previously held (in the last 5 years) or are you currently a Political Employee (i.e.
PAS, PA, Non-career SES, or Schedule C). If so, please indicate the dates of the highest title,
series, graded position you held (MM-YYYY to MM-YYYY or Present, or NA if Not
Have you previously held or are you currently in a career Senior Executive Service position?
Have you completed an OPM-certified Candidate Development Program (CDP)?
Leading Change: This core qualification involves the ability to bring about strategic
change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to
this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a
continuously changing environment. (Maximum length of 8000 characters.)
I created a better operations’ flow and lead an organizational change with clear guidance and
effective communication. As a Captain in the military, I have extensive training and experience
with organizational change and operating concepts at the executive level. In 2015, I was part of
an information technology engineering section encounter logistic and operational issues. I was
asked by my management to implement better operating procedures.
The section consisted of eight employees; were operating in an isolated environment without any
shared understanding nor collaborations with the other coworkers. I instantly realized the issue
the current process in place weren’t beneficial for any of the staff members. All information was
delivered and processed by email. Senior Management had a less engaged approached to meet
organizational goals.
My challenged was to implement a process for anyone to stay on and complete task provided and
meet the overall objective for the organization. The critical component our section had eight
major information technology projects pending for approval. I immediately recognized the need
for a process. The eight pending projects took massive logistical support and shipping.
First, I created a timeline for the section’s critical events. There were a total 20 critical events
total. I created specified and implied task for all 20 critical events. I also established a meeting
with an agenda attached to the email invite. I convince management that the organization would
be much more successful if it took on a stronger role in the task tracker meeting process. the
meeting, I stated standards and rules of the meeting. The environment I created every engineer
on the team input is valuable.
The processes I implemented allowed the team to complete all 20 critical tasks within and build
out eight data centers within one year in a half. I also managed to minimize Remedy tickets by
150 percent in less than 10 days. This Leading Change ECQ example goes on to describe how I
created cultural change within the agency and a thought implemented plan provide a fully a
tasking solution. The solutions implemented resulted in improved employee morale and
additional training resulting in the staff becoming a cohesive team.
Leading People: This core qualification involves the ability to lead people toward meeting
the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide
an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and
teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts. (Maximum length of 8000
I have been supervising and managing staff for over 15 years. I have managed diverse groups
during my military career. I inherent a team of 35 personnel no one knew each other or skillsets.
The team was broken and undermining each other by observation. As the supervisor, I had to
develop a concept to learn each person’s skillset. The team was broken and undermining each
other by observation. The team lack understanding of diversity and team cohesion. First line
management didn’t have any confidence within their own team. Managers use micromanaging
and degrading their staff.
I had all my employees make a card about themselves to regarding their professional background
and professional goals. I conducted team building exercises. I took the team out to eat. Team
members start learning other coworkers’ skillsets and background experiences. I also randomly
ask managers about their employees’ background and goals. I also initiated weekly team
meetings to clarify my expectations, maintain accountability, foster open communications, solicit
team members’ ideas, and create a safe environment in which success and mistakes alike could
be seen as opportunities for improvement. I rewarded team members for their performance and
contributions to the team and took appropriate corrective action, as needed, to address
performance or conflict issues among team members.
I teamed managers with each other depending on strengths and weaknesses within the work
environment. Management took my lead after being successful sharing each knowledge. Not
only was I focused on strengthening the overall team and creating a sense of shared goals, but I
also discovered that the team was constantly challenged due to a lack of individual knowledge
and specialized training. The work environment became more productive and overall, more
positive for all employees.
3. Results Driven: This core qualification involves the ability to meet organizational goals
and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that
produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and
calculating risks.
I was face with an issue during my deployment. I had over 60 percent of my staff get isolated
due to COVID. I had a staff of 35 personnel which supported over 700 customers. I had to
develop strategic COVID mitigation plans and maintain network connectivity in different four
different countries. My 20-year military career, I had several experiences being under staff, and
managed to accomplished mission without overloading my support.
I separated and isolated essential network and virtualization engineers. I talked to key
management to start cross training personnel to mitigate high risk non network connectivity. I
expressed the importance of shift changes and section notes to management. I minimize
employees in the office at one time. The team also had to redirect priorities and focus on stability
network connectivity. All upcoming projects has been postponed until personnel was safe and
the environment was properly sanitized.
During this COVID mitigation transition, management noticed the level of competency within
the employees. Also, I noticed the adaptability and the strength of the team currently in place. MI
managed to maintain steady communication throughout four countries and also, I had better
insight on potential growth for employees. Due to COVID isolations, employees were forced to
take on more responsibility and operate at a higher pay grade than their actual position.
4. Business Acumen: This core qualification involves the ability to manage human,
financial, and information resources strategically.
After serving 20 years in the military, working with information technology personal, and
systems, I am well diverse in personnel management and solving complicated cost-effective
technology issues. Throughout my career I had to create innovative solutions due to limitations
and constraints to meet organizational goals. I experienced personnel limitations, budget
limitations and resource limitations.
I have the keen ability to create a positive, diverse, and thriving culture; also managing various
of personalities. I had a challenged to create scale a 1000 personnel network with the currently
infrastructure in place without additional funding. The network in place supported 250
customers. I had a team of 35 personnel replaced a team of 28 personnel. My team had a larger
mission than our previous counterparts. My team also had the same equipment as our previous
counterparts as well.
I schedule an equipment capability meeting with all key management and network engineers.
The meeting gathered information for max customer capabilities and internal staff management
capabilities for different entities within the four countries we managed. I also reached out to the
customers to gather additional information regarding the overall need. After conducting a
thorough assessment with internal staff and stakeholders, the technology equipment had
capabilities to meet stakeholder expectations.
I leveraged the stakeholder’s current infrastructure to integrated with my teams’ network.
Network engineers reconfigured port and internet protocols address allocation to our network
devices. I also had the network engineers to allow certain media access address through our
firewalls so customers can access to our intranet SharePoint. I strategically built a hierarchy
enterprise. I had trained one person for local information support for lower each stakeholder
entity. I was able to support over 700 personnel without additional funding by learning the
capabilities of equipment, asking the customers need, and understanding the customers local
technology infrastructure.
5. Building Coalitions: This core qualification involves the ability to build coalitions
internally and with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and
private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve
common goals.
In 2014, I had the opportunity to with the Canadian Armed Forces during a two exercise. The
training exercise consist of Canadian and American military engineers was building a training
site for future training events. I was faced with several challenges, even though this was a
network eccentric training event there were communication issues had to be rectified. This was
the first time the Engineering Battalion worked with coalition forces.
The Canadian Armed Forces couldn’t have access to the American military network. I had to
learn effective ways to communicate from American to Canadian Armed Forces seamlessly.
Among arrival, the Canadian Forces didn’t bring any automation assets to support the mission.
The personal cellphones the Canadian Armed Forces was using triggered international calls to
the unsecure American phones. Communications was broken throughout training between both
Canadian and American entities.
I set down with the Canadian Officer in Charge and discuss the type of classification will be
discussed over automation equipment. I also discussed the primary users utilizing technology
equipment and the nature of the classification of the conservations and projects. I gathered all the
information and discuss a plan with my team. After the plan, my team started the implementation
and training phase with the coalition counterpart.
I implement non-secure laptops using Verizon access points throughout the American and
Canadian Armed Forces. I also provided several satellite phones as an alternate means of
communication if troops were conducting training away from the office. I also implemented
global positioning system devices on soldiers leaving outside the primary area of training for
accountability purposes. The Canadian Armed Forces conducted lessons learned analysis and
was working on implementing the same technical practices the American Forces was utilizing.
MANDATORY TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS (MTQs): In writing your narrative responses to the MTQs,
please give examples and explain how often you used your skills, the complexity of the knowledge
possessed, the level of people you interacted with, the sensitivity of the issues you handled, etc.
THE FONT SIZE NO SMALLER THAN POINT 12. It is recommended that applicants draft their MTQs in a
Word document first, then cut and paste into the spaces provided following each MTQ to ensure length
1. Demonstrated proficiency with running large, multi-faceted organizations, preferably as a lead
policy and operations manager, and the proven ability to manage a diverse workforce and diverse
customer base. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to effectively multi-task and manage a
complicated set of program priorities with limited resources.
During my second deployment, I was in charge of implementing communications to approximately 400
customers. The main challenge was time and providing a level of common understanding throughout
the force. I was challenged to implement and establish a seamless communication network. My higher
education and personal experience taught me effective writing techniques. I start writing Standard of
Procedures and providing “How To” guides to customers.
I implemented weekly “lunch and learn” meetings to customers to have a better understanding
regarding self-correcting technology issues. Classes was a slow pace to allow everyone from all diverse
technology experience levels to gasp and understand troubleshooting procedures. I started
implementing training and classes on the secure network. The secure network was more important due
to the information being process on the secure network.
I provided customers examples of damaged token cards allow the clients to physically inspect personal
communication access equipment. I also provided examples of common network access errors and how
to self-correct network connectivity faults. I explained secure network violations and implement redial
training for customers in violation. I expressed the level of information provided on secure networks. I
knew training on the secure network would be best to implement first, unsecure network procedures
customers will understand quicker. After conducting three weeks, of secure network Standards of
Procedures I started with unsecure network procedures.
Unsecure network procedures only took one week for customers to have a grasp of the Standards of
Procedures. Secure network procedures had more at stake safeguarding individual’s personal
information, unsecure network policy and rules was less strict. I provided four weeks of “lunch and
learns” after nine months of deployment there was only two network violations. The customers went
through more classes remedial training and conducted the job duties without any additional violations.
2. Demonstrated effectiveness in leading large workforces in meeting detailed operational targets and
in adjusting work processes when the organization faces performance challenges due to external or
internal factors in order to achieve operating plan goals in timeliness, accuracy, quality, efficiency, and
customer service.
I have been faced with many obstacles in my career. A working group focusing on implied and specified
task is a tool worked well in larger organizations. The proven success, I implemented to task and large
workforces to meet timelines was implementing accountability trackers. Internal challenges are keeping
employees focus on a task and the external challenges is determining priorities of work to meet
organizational goals.
I had a records keeper create an excel document to list all essential task. At the end of the excel
document the record keeper listed the overall goal. I gathered all key management and lead staff
members into the sections’ task working group. I assigned each task according to the section’s skillset.
Also, each section lead provided sub-task to accomplish the primary task. The record’s keeper assigns a
person or persons working on each task and subtask with a start and end date. Comments section was
also provided, this allowed management to correct any issues occurred.
The task tracker also captured multi section support. There was task which needed multiple section
support to accomplish the primary task. The task tracker caught the necessary data. Once one section
completed with the sub-task within the sections duty description another section took the sub-task
within their sections duty description to accomplish the overall goal.
The tools and techniques implemented allowed large-scale operations completed in a timely manner,
keep all employees engaged on the overall goal, and went beyond satisfactory levels regarding customer
service. Management utilized the tracker to catch issues in a timely manner and correct any conflicts
staff members was having. The task tracker allowed my section to complete 20 percent of task before
the end date. All sections had the opportunity to thoroughly check systems three weeks before the end
date. This allowed our overall task to be complete 10 days before the actual end date.
3. Demonstrated working knowledge of Federal Employees’ Compensation Act and the Longshore and
Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and its extensions. Demonstrated understanding of medical and
rehabilitation issues as they relate to social insurance programs.
While serving in the National Guard, I assisted several soldiers throughout my career as soldiers was
exiting the Armed Forces. Several soldiers get injured are experience trauma during time on federal
active orders. Soldiers has the ability to submit compensation claims exiting the military. The claims are
much similar to the Federal Employees Act. If a soldier is injured in the line of duty while on federal or
state orders if a doctor states a soldier has disability the soldier can file a claim.
Same as the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act soldiers will get awarded a percentage according to
the severely of the disability filed. The primary difference between VA disability and the Federal
Employees act is most workers’ compensation programs provide separate cash payments for wages lost
and permanent impairment, while VA provides compensation only for service-connected conditions,
which need not be permanent; unlike the VA program, workers’ compensation programs emphasize
returning employees to work while limiting employers’ liability, and the vast majority who receive
workers’ compensation receive only medical benefits, not cash awards; to be eligible for wage loss
benefits under workers’ compensation programs, workers must actually lose all or a portion of their
wages for a specified minimum period of time, then they receive a portion, usually 66 and two-thirds
percent, of their actual lost wages for the duration of the period that wages are lost.
The longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act provides coverages to certain maritime workers,
including most dock workers and maritime workers. The Longshore and Harbors workers’ compensation
Act extension also towards landward employees such as fuelers and forklift drivers working on docks. I
had a family member got severely injured at a shipyard. He had an investigation conducted by the
company to validate the events occurred. Investigation also was determining the location of the injury
and the duties he was performing at the time of the injury. After the investigation he was covered by
workman’s compensation insurance not Longshore and Harbors’ Compensation nor Federal
Compensation Act.
The government started a “Ticket to Work” program for employees receiving social insurance. The
challenges employees face are once workers begin earning wages or self-employment income above the
applicable earnings limit for the Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance
program. In addition, Social Security cannot perform a medical “Continuing Disability Review” to
determine whether you continue to have a disability while you are participating in the Ticket Program,
including receiving services from the State Vocational Rehabilitation agency, and progressing towards
your employment goal. Employees receiving disability are hesitate to utilize the “Ticket to Work”
4. Demonstrated proficiency in budget formulation and execution, as well as the development and
maintenance of internal controls to promote program efficiency, integrity, and to establish priorities
for the allocation of resources in conjunction with DOL and the Office of Management and Budget
I have experience equivalent to Office of Management and Budget from a military coalition perspective.
I was a key member for executing a Defense Cooperative Agreement (DCA) between two countries to
execute projects and funding. Funding had to include labor wages, cost of equipment and cost of land
within another country to implement service. Also, projects within the host nation cannot negative
impact the native people nor the land.
I had several projects already funded for future deployments. However, the need for military Units
changed over time. Generators became a huge issue for majority of the deployed military units.
Generators was very insufficient and at the end of its lifecycle. Mechanics was cannibalizing generators
to maintain one working generator. Currently, funds were depleted until the end of the physical year.
This created major challenges to resolved. Military units couldn’t perform daily task due to military units
losing power approximately five times daily at hours at a time.
I had projects funded three years out. I had made the power grid project a priority. The power grid
project was a five-year projected project. Analysis stated power grid wasn’t an issue at the time of
evaluating. The cost of the power grid was 516,000 dollars. I had my team to evaluate the bare
minimum each unit needs for power so we can support all military units at one location and to get the
budget down to 100,000 thousand dollars.
I met with the contractors and gather the plans. Collectively, my section minimizes cost of materials to
75,000. Military units on post had the necessary wood to build the containment boxes for the project.
Simultaneously, labor cost went down significantly, the engineering unit; built containment boxes. This
saved an additional 80,000 dollars. I denied professional services from the contractors until next physical
year. This saved 100,000 dollars. I got with my lead generator mechanics regarding specifications for our
power grid project. The mechanics simplified the specifications saved another 131,000. The final cost of
for the grid project was 115,000 dollars. I pulled from funds from future projects to ensure the grid
project was a success. I pushed for the Defense Cooperation Agreement all nations agreed to the
funding and terms of the project.

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