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Running Head: HCS475
Problem Solving and Delegation Process
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Part A: Delegation Process
Identify the Step
Step one is to Prepare
which task to
One of the most complex nursing abilities is that of
delegation. It requires sophisticated clinical judgment and
very last responsibility for affected person care. Effective
delegation is based totally on one’s state nurse practice act
and a know-how of the concepts of responsibility,
authority, and accountability. Work Complexity
Assessment, a program that defines and quantifies diverse
degrees of care complexity primarily based on the
information and talent required to perform the paintings,
has demonstrated that methods of patient venture and body
of workers scheduling that guide consistency increase
what may be delegated to ancillary employees by the
usage of the extra effective assignment styles. Healthcare
employees cannot deliver successful results if the
delegated task is not fully thought out. Healthcare leader
should take the time to create the discipline to know what
they are asking for. The ounce of prevention is important
as it helps in a situation where delegation falls apart.
Step two is to clearly
define the task.
Healthcare leader should hand over information on the
budget, deliverables, and context to enhance
understanding of the task. Healthcare leader should make
available tips and extra coaching while making it clear that
He own the process and understand it well.
An open discussion where employees ask questions should
be must be created by the leader. Expectations for updates
and communication with other employees should be made
frequent with help of either personal visits to the leader or
via social media such as email.
Selecting the right
person for the job
The most critical areas where the delegation process falls
apart is when the healthcare leader assumes that all the
employees clearly understand the entire process.
Healthcare leaders should conduct a confirming
understanding process to determine the success or failure
of delegation process. This process usually takes no more
than 60 seconds. Healthcare leader should confirm if the
employees have understood the deliverables assigned. The
employee should be asked if they have the right tools and
resources to make the process successful. By asking
questions the healthcare leader can know if the employees
have understood what the task requires. The healthcare
leader should be very creative about how the tasks are to
be completed.
Step four involves
explaining the task
thoroughly and
clearly to confirm the
Many of the managers who begin operating with a well-set
delegation process are extremely overworked, and one of
the first determinations is that their personnel are better at
delegating than the supervisor. We recognize this due to
the fact that delegated duties return to the manger’s
workload. When an employee reaches an impasse,
managers need to train them through it, but permit
personnel to do their process. The nurse is responsible for
knowing the work approved for delegation by means of
the agency and the situations under which other duties can
be delegated. The Nurse is likewise accountable for
making suitable decision to delegate accurately.
In order to determine whether or not a decision to delegate
is appropriate, the Nurse must take into account the
employer’s rules; Patient wishes; and the complexity of
health troubles. The knowledge needed to supply the care
required; the predictability of the predicted final results
and specific risk elements are information the healthcare
leaders must have.
Because the Nurse is accountable for evaluating nursing
care via tracking patient outcomes, She ought to supervise
employees to whom she has delegated duties. Supervision
involves preliminary course, periodic inspection and
corrective action needed.
Monitoring the
process and
providing support
forms step five.
Monitoring in delegation is prime. Finding out that a
deliverable wasn’t finished or wasn’t executed
satisfactorily after the entirety date is the nightmare
situation of delegating. Monitoring is genuinely the act of
giving a file on development. It may be tough to overcome
the myths of delegating and entering into the process of
conducting all six steps when delegating responsibilities.
By enforcing this process, healthcare manager creates a
work surrounding that is more productive fosters creativity
and opportunities for boom and focuses on the
significance of communication.
The health care worker is liable for having sufficient
expertise, ability, and judgment to just accept delegation.
The health care employer is also liable for implementation
of policies and processes by using appearing obligations
and giving care thoroughly, correctly and ethically.
Healthcare leaders should document the care given; file
observations and patient statistics to the nurse supervising
the patient’s care. Healthcare leader ought to refuse to
accept a delegation of these acts for which she is not well
Follow up and make
sure the task has been
Tasks normally can’t be delegated efficiently if they’re of a
sensitive or private nature, together with profits and
overall performance evaluations, or if they’re not surely
described. You must also recollect delegating duties that
assist personnel increase new competencies and have new
work studies. Jobs like these help employees expand
professionally and put together them for advancement.
Healthcare leader’s need to provide greater schooling and
assistance in every other region. Most managers have a
tendency to pass in the delegation technique. Managers
expect an employee’s attractiveness of the challenge. In a
relay race, the maximum important stage is handing the
baton to the following runner. A big amount of training is
invested in learning the handoff. It’s no one-of-a-kind in
healthcare facilities. Commitment is making sure you’ve
correctly handed over the baton. The apparent purpose of
successful delegation is crucial if the ability to get extra
carried out in less time. The second reason is that it frees
you as much as contribute to your own highest and quality
All employees bring their specific capabilities and
technique to the manner that creates the result they’re
tasked with. Good managerial training may additionally
improve those strategies so long as the manner belongs to
the individual tasked with creating the outcome.
Part B: Problem-Solving Process
ProblemSolving Steps
Identify the Step
Identify Issues
The issues must be identified when resolving a problem. Let’s
say a nurse comes into the manager’s office to make a
complaint about another nurse they work with. The manager
must identify the issue at hand. To better identify the issue
and know what is going on, the manager will make a written
statement and find out what is going on. The manager will
have to speak to the other nurse to get their perspective as
well. This will help the manager find the exact issue and view
everyone’s problem and be able to resolve the issue at hand.
The manager must spend some time to get the problem and
view everyone perspective on the issue to be resolve the
problem. The manager must have an open mind when
identifying the issue at hand.
everyone’s interest
The manager needs to understand everyone’s point of view.
The manager will have to know why the situation arose in the
first place. With the nurse complaining about the other
nurse, the manager had to get the point of view from both
sides, this will help the manager find out what initiated the
problem and be have a better comprehension of the issue.
The manager will not skip a step to satisfy the solution and
understand why the situation arose. The manager will
actively listen to both sides to better understand the
situation and develop a clear picture. With both sides being
heard the manager will have a not seem like they are
choosing sides. This will help to have a better solution to the
problem that will appease everyone involved.
List the possible
The manager will gather all the information to have solutions
for the situation. The manager along with the nurses involved
in the issue will find ways to create a course of action. They
will evaluate different view. Everyone must be in agreement
when finding a solution that will appease everyone. The
nurses work to provide care for patients. When a solution is
not found, patient care is diminished. The manager can find a
course of action alone or they can include the nurses, when
they brainstorm together better solutions are found.
Generated a course of action can help when brainstorming
too. Not only will this help that problem at hand but will help
to develop a better course of action for the department.
When solutions are being generated, it helps the entire
Make decisions
The manager will eventually make a decision, this will be the
most complex part of the process. The manager must be
careful when analyzing the situation, making sure both
nurses will be happy, as well as those who work with them.
The situation will help to bring a better work environment for
everyone involved. Both nurses involved in the problem
should be allowed in the decision to allow them to deal with
the solution. Careful analysis of the situation should be made
to have a better course of action. There should be several
options to choose from to allow for better solution. The
nurses should be allowed to make a course of action, but
ultimately the manager will decide what solution will be so
that everyone involved work better.
Once the decision has been made of what will be the
solution. The manager will speak with the nurses to inform
them of the solution, therefore implement it. Even though a
solution has been implemented, problems can still arise. This
may be if the solution was not fully grasped or the people
involved are not happy with the solution. One nurse might be
happy with the solution, but not the other, causing more
issues. The manager should identify the solution and find out
how to better implement the solution and inform the team
how the solution was chosen and make sure it is fully
implemented and make sure is carried out accordingly.
Lastly, the manager will make sure to check all steps and to
monitor the team and get comments from those involved.
Monitoring the situation will help with compliance and avoid
future problems. In this case, the manager will keep up with
the nurses to find out if the solution implemented has help
them with their issues and make sure the working conditions
have gotten better. Achieving great results should involve
everyone in the team and everyone must be in agreement to
have a better work environment and have solutions
monitored constantly to allow for better opportunities.
When managers follow through with problem solving, staff
members feel more secure and allow them to be heard.

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