Please write an online discussion for the hospitality internship class. FYI, I will start my internship at an Italian dining restaurant in Busan, South Korea this Friday. I will attach my internship learning agreement, internship overview, and an example for this assignment. Please read them before working on this assignment.Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding and share ideas on networking in your internship and career.Skills: As a result of completing this discussion and reading your peers postings, you identify different ways to network and practice written communication.Knowledge: This assignment will give new ideas to implement when you have an opportunity to network throughout your internship and career.Task: To complete this assignment, post your answer to one of the following questions after researching the topic: networking and workplace conversations.1.How will you start networking and meeting supervisors, managers, employees within the company you are interning?a.Describe at least 3 networking issues supporting them with at least one reference citation.2.How do I address my co-workers, mentors, and managers at my internship and what should I talk about?a.Develop a topic for each: co-workers, mentors, and managers supporting them with at least one reference citation.Discussion answers should be between 750-1000Cite a minimum of two (2) references in APA format.Criteria for Success: A successful assignment will have the following characteristics:A concise, reflection posting that describes at least 3 ways to successfully network in the hospitality industry or 3 topics when addressing co-workers, mentors, or managers.A well-formatted posting meets the following requirements:Uses a 12 point font,Reference citations in APA format.Proper grammar and correct spellingInternship Overview
Student (intern) Information
Institution Information
Description of internship company
a. The Italian dining restaurant started its operation in Busan metropolitan city,
South Korea, in 2010 and targets mostly tourists visiting the ocean. The restaurant
is strategically located 10 minutes from the beach called Haeundae. The dining
area has a capacity of about 150 people, including the bar area. The menu has a
variety of foods on the 10-pages menu. The restaurant also has the following
facilities: CCTV, Wi-fi in the dining area, Smoking area, Security office, parking
area, cooking area, service area, and managers’ offices. The restaurant’s
management department has two managers, eleven Front-Of-House service
employees, and eight Back-Of-House employees. The Back of House department
has eight employees, including one Head Chef, two Sous chefs, four Prep cooks,
and one dishwasher. Its mission is to offer delicious meals and offering good
services to customers.
Supervisor Information
Description of internship experience
a. I will have a 10 hours per week internship program from February 8 to April 11.
In total, I am expected to complete 90 hours of restaurant experience. The 90
hours will be divided into three departments. They include Restaurant
Management, which will take 15 Hours; Front-of-House Service, which will take
45 Hours; and Back-of-House, which will take 30 hours of the entire internship
b. In the Restaurant Management department, my role is to help coordinate the
restaurant’s daily operations and maintain efficient and accurate responses to a
complaint from customers. In this department, I will be keen to learn how the
general management strategies to increase the traffic based on the data collected
from the inventories. I will look at the strategy way the Manager changes the
menu prices regularly by increasing or reducing the expenses of some meals so
that the profits will be maximized, and the expenditure reduced. After spending
time in this department, I should have sufficient skills in the management of
c. In the Front-Of-House service department, my role is to ensure the restaurant’s
operations are running smoothly. At the end of my stay in the department, I
should have enough skills to delegate roles and duties among servers effectively. I
should also be useful in supervising restaurant operations. The customer
reservations and how they should be set up will also be the knowledge and skill
that I will be having after my internship.
d. In the Back-Of-House department, I will be working and observing how the
behind-the-scenes activities such as food preparation, dishwashing, and plating,
inventory, and control of costs are done. I will be helping while watching how the
eight employees work in coordination. At the end of my stay in this department, I
should be able to do efficient labor scheduling. I should be able to do food control
management. I will also be able to do proper management of daily operations in
the restaurant.
Internship Program Goals
a. Gaining practical management skills in restaurant management. For me to gain
management skills, I have to observe what the general Manager does. I have to
ask questions if the need arises for clarification. I will also take up some manager
roles such as checking the reviews from customers and analyzing them, reviewing
b. Acquiring relevant skills in delegating duties and roles effectively among servers.
I will be helping the servers in their duties. I will also observe managers on how
they delegate responsibilities to the servers. During the meetings, I will make sure
I get the procedure and way of conducting meetings by keenly watching the
c. Acquiring skills in proper food cost control and daily management of the
inventory. I will achieve this goal by observing how the head chef supervises the
kitchen’s operations and how each employee is assigned duties and roles. I will
also mark the prep cooks organize various ingredients into their respective
shelves. The inventory management should be observed, and I will help manage it
to get the first-hand experience.
Personal Goals
a. Perfecting Interpersonal Skills – learning how to engage with customers, vendors,
workmates, and even managers. Learning how to connect with people and build
trust. Learning how to make first impressions for successful deal-making.
b. I am building a Network of Contacts – getting to know more people in the
industry and identify people who can serve as mentors and advisers in the
hospitality industry.
c. Mastering Technical Skills – technical skills such as inventory monitoring,
analyzing customer reviews. I will be doing the spreadsheet data manipulation,
basic modeling of customer traffic and food consumption curves, and building
presentations for meetings.
There are three main ways I will be networking throughout my intern employer at Boulder
Station. First, I will be attending the company wide meet and greet which is held at Red Rock
Casino Resort and Spa and then property specific socials and meetings at Boulder Station.
Second, I will be attending meetings every Friday which have the interns work together on a
company project. Third, I will be building relationships with the individuals who mentor me
during my internship and become LinkedIn buddies with those people so I can build a social
media relationship during my internship.
In developing my professional network, I am going to focus on the goal of improving my
professional profile and connections through the use LinkedIn. This means I need to make new
connections within the hospitality industry and work on cultivating these new business contacts.
This can be done by attending the social events that the company puts on regularly along with
attending any events or trade shows focused on casino gaming. In attending these meets and
greets along with other social and business meetings focused on the specific property I will be
provided the opportunity to bond with individuals who can help me grow in the gaming sector of
the hospitality industry. This opportunity will also provide me the chance to work with peers and
develop those relationships. Some of the easiest ways I will be able to connect with others will
be by introducing myself, handing out business cards, and investing the time to develop a
professional and personal relationship with these individuals.
Each Friday the interns are to work together at the corporate office on a project that company has
assigned. There are six interns that are working at various Stations Casinos in different sections
of the hospitality field. This project will allow us six to become closer and understand how each
department they represent ties together as a whole to make the guest experience successful. This
opportunity also provides us a better understanding of what each aspect of the industry we
represent affect each other. These peer connections if built and cultivated properly can provide
each of us a solid foundation to continue to build on for our professional and personal network. I
believe peer networking is a critical path for anyone just starting out on their career path. This is
because we can learn from each another along with helping advance one another’s careers
through developing a healthy relationship.
In developing a good network base, I believe it is important to create a strong genuine
relationship with people. These affiliations should be built on compatibility, trust, and prevalent
interests. This is why it will be critical to start my network with a smaller group of individuals
like my mentors that I will be shadowing in the course of my internship. These strong
relationships will help build my professional network while providing new social media
connections for my LinkedIn profile. Having these mentors as part of my network group will
help develop me in the gaming field. I will be able to rely on my network of mentors to guide me
in problem solving, making feasible recommendations for solutions, along with providing me
new knowledge in casino management. I know by developing a relationship with my mentors
they can provided me with introductions within the industry which could lead to opportunity and
growth to help my career. People who mentor others can provide powerful key relationships and
contacts for those they mentor through their own personal and professional network of contacts.
Finally, I will look up Stations Casino on LinkedIn and follow them through this social media
platform. This will also give me the opportunity to connect with other individuals who are part of
the Stations Casino family and begin to grow and expand my network. This can be achieved
through informal chats on LinkedIn and/or by sharing articles and other information pertaining to
the hospitality industry. In building my network I hope that I will be able to someday mentor
others and that I will bring value to my contacts by giving back through my life experiences, my
education, and by staying engaged in the growth process of being a lifelong learner and sharing
my philosophy with others.
Bruines, Ly. (n.d.) Top Benefits of Networking for Hospitality Industry Professionals. EHL
Insights. (Links to an external site.)
Institute of Hospitality. (n.d.) Developing Your Professional Network. Institute of (Links to an external site.)
Sharptek, R., (2017, July 11). 8 Little Known Ways to Network with Hospitality Industry
Insiders. (Links to an external site.)
Internship Learning Agreement
I am seeking an unpaid internship in South Korea. It is a dining restaurant with a 10pages menu and about 150 people capacity including the bar area.
I will be interning 10 hours per week from February 8 to April 11 (90 hours total) in the
following departments:

Front-of-House Service = 45 Hours
Back-of-House = 30 Hours
Restaurant Management = 15 Hours
Restaurant Management
The Restaurant Management department coordinates daily operations and maintains
accurate and efficient responses to customer complaints. This department has two
managers, including one general manager.
• Shadow the general manager to learn how to emphasize the restaurant’s core
values and its mission to become more passionate about the restaurant’s
• Observing how the restaurant manager reviews the report and how the decisions
made daily can affect general societal issues.
• Attending a meeting to understand how to maintain an excellent customer
experience by regularly tracking the restaurant’s reviews on various platforms.
• Observing the general management on how he increases traffics through the
decisions made based on the data from the inventories and regularly changing
the menu prices to increase the restaurant’s profits and reduce its expenditure.
Learning Outcomes
• Acquiring skills in inventory management.
• A better understanding of customer service.
• Development of effective restaurant management skills.
• Able to be scheduling staff and controlling labor cost
Front-of-House Service
The Front-of-House Service department ensures there is smooth running of the
restaurant’s operations and ensuring the customers’ ultimate satisfaction from the
moment they walk in the restaurant to when they walk out. This department has 11
employees in total, including one Manager, eight servers, two hosts.
• Observing how the hosts ensure a positive hand in the restaurant’s setting up
from its beginning.

Learning how the manager inherits various managerial duties as part of
alleviating the manager’s some pressure.
Observing how the servers positively establish the customers` needs.
Attending meetings to learn how the managers hold separate responsibilities to
help the servers hence assisting them in dedicating their attention to their
respective customers.
Learning Outcomes
• Acquiring basic skills in the effective delegation of roles and duties among the
• Enhancing efficient supervision of the restaurant operations.
• Gaining awareness of how the customer’s reservations should be set up.
The Back-of-House department enhances the effective operation of all behind-thescenes activities, including preparing food and plating it before it proceeds to the
customers, inventory, and food control costs. The Back of House department has 8
employees including one Head Chef, two Sous chefs, four Prep cooks, and one
• Observing how the head chef supervises the kitchen operations.
• Learning how the Sous Chef supervises the process of preparing food and how
he delegates duties to others.
• Observing how the prep cook labels and stocks different ingredients to their
respective shelves in an organized manner and helping the head chef plan his
• Shadow the dishwasher to learn how to prepare the dining areas but cleaning
and restocking them and making sure there is the availability of clean dishes.
Learning Outcomes
• Proper management of daily operations.
• Efficient labor scheduling.
• Maintaining food cost control.

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