Below, I have attached a document which needs to be paraphrased; however, there are some questions that I will write that are also answered in the document below, these questions are already answered, just make sure to incorporate the answers to them in the new paraphrased paper as well. As long as the questions are answered in a paraphrased way without being copied, and each review totaling to 1 page, everything will be great.Ariel; Font 11Questions:1) What factors, other than money, are playing a role in employees’ behavior? what real world parallels have you observed, in which unhappy employees might make or break (eventually) a business?2) What role do documentaries play in telling the world what’s really going on? What is a corporation – based on what you see in the film? What are the ethical dilemmas shown? Besides corporations, what other entities employ people and influence the economy? Don’t forget that the film business…is a business. If you see no corporations in the film – think harder about it.3) What roles do activists and journalists play in assuring that corporations are ethical – or at least not evil? How does an educated population fit into activism? College reproduces many aspects of broader society when it’s working – what are those? Why does the government view some activists as terrorists – and others as acceptable?4) What role does leadership play in shaping ethical behavior in a community? What are some kinds of leaders? What role does history play in choosing leaders? What kind of businesses need highly specialized employees and leadership?5) How much is a person expected to know? If a person has no goal of “being a better person” how ethical do you think they’ll be? What kinds of problems are there in ordinary assessments of what makes a “good employee” or a “competent person”? What kinds of experiences are organized by business and society for the individual?6) For Mallrats: List the total number of different businesses you see in the movie, and why it would be very difficult to ever fully get rid of that type of business including food courts).For the others, focus on the ways in which other institutions do what business does – but with very different ethical regulations and concerns. How are these like business? How are they different? Also, look at what occupations seem unbannable – even if there’s no profit to be made.Film review one “Clerks”
One of the most famous comedy movies in the 20th century was Clerks, which was written and
directed by Kevin Smith. It was released on October 19th of 1994. This film was directed in a
place where Smith used to work, the movie was shown in black and white. While shooting this
film they didn’t have much budget to work with, so the quality even after the editing was done for
this movie wasn’t that great.
Clerks was about two young adults who worked as clerks for a grocery store and a video store.
This film showed the struggles that they faced daily and how these young adults would deal with
the situation they were put in. Brian O’Halloran, who plays the role of Dante is asked to work on
a day when he is not scheduled, since his coworker wasn’t able to make it. He wasn’t to happy
about being there on a day when he wasn’t supposed to work. Next door, Randal, who is
portrayed by the actor Jeff Anderson is a video store clerks who doesn’t enjoy working as well.
Randal is always late and rude to the customers who come in. He also tends to leave his job
whenever he wants to join Dante in his workplace.
Dante is basically the character that always tries to do the right thing and stays away from
trouble. Dante is in a relationship and he is trying to get back with his ex girlfriend, he lives with
his mother, he enjoys playing hockey, he wants to make money, but his behavior often changes
throughout the day. He is also very short-tempered and rude to customers. The reason being is
because he doesn’t want to be there. Another factor that plays into this is the complications in
his relationships and the fight with his girlfriend makes him more overwhelmed. He thinks that
the customers have ridiculous questions, which also puts him in a bad mood. Soon after his
boss informs him that he should be able to run the store by himself for the rest of the day, which
puts him into a even worse mood. He ends up yelling at customers, he also ends up closing the
store to leave for a funeral.
Randall is more of care free person who tends to do whatever he wants to. He decides to come
in late and closes the store whenever he pleases. He doesn’t really like to deal with customers
and he wouldn’t do anything he doesn’t want to. Randal is straightforward and he is always
giving advise to Dante about his personal and customer relationship. The way he treats
customers really costs them because they end up losing them.
Most people work because they need an income, so business usually want a certain employees
who can communicate with a variety of costumers. One of the world parallels, which is quite
noticeable is the sales associate in the mall. During the holidays they have to work longer hours
and many of the customers would rather ask them than read. For example, I noticed that one of
the customer asked the sales associate if the pants are 50% off, the sales associate answered
in the reddest way possible saying, “yes it is written right there”. This caused quite the argument
between them and the sales person ended up apologized and saying that she had a bad day at
school. Other factors can cause us to act unethically, but the customer was understanding.
Many customers would just end up leaving the store and would never come back. If this were to
continue, it might cause a huge issue for the business in a long run.
I believe it is the business’s responsibility to train their employees to act ethically, and be sure
that they provide their employees with great situation. Employees should already know how to
handle intense situations with customers, but if they’re having trouble they should be guided in
the right way. I have been a sales associate before and it is hard to deal with these situations,
fortunately I got lucky and my manager didn’t over work us. In other situations there have been
cases when my family members didn’t get to spend time with us during the holidays because
they had to work overtime.
Film review two “SuperSize Me”
Documentaries are films that have evidence based on the topic being recorded. In this
particular film “Supersize Me” shows how McDonald’s has had many legal suits due to the fact
that they sell unhealthy food in their restaurant while knowingly serving it. In this documentary
Morgan Spurlock used himself to determine the affects this food will have on him. He basically
has to eat Mcdonalds for 30 days straight to see what the results will be health wise.
Prior to this experiment beginning he was seen by three different doctors who
specialized in general health cardiology and in gastroenterology, who determined that he had
great health. He was also seen by a exercise physiologist who determined that he had “above
average fitness.” During this trial he was not allowed to exercise. The experts and his girlfriend
made predications about how this would end, and how his mood would change towards the end.
If a worker asked him if he wanted his meal supersize, he had no choice, but to say yes.
Spurlock said that he would eat three meals a day for a month straight. During the film his
doctors checked him and he gained over 30 pounds, his blood pressure goes up, and so does
his cholesterol. He also started to have low energy, his skin started to look unhealthy, toxic
shock to his liver, and chest pains. Eventually, his doctors told him to stop eating McDonalds
before he did permanent damage to his body.
The doctors even said that they have seen these side affects in alcoholics. This 30 day
challenge affected not only his mental health, but also his psychical. He became moody, didn’t
have enough energy, even his girlfriend complained about their sex life during the film when he
gained all the negative affects of eating McDonalds for a long period of time. He felt unhappy
with the results, which just proves that the food is truly dangerous because we truly don’t know
what goes into their food that they serve millions of people.
This corporation is the leading fast food chain in the world. The ethical problem in this
film is that the role of obesity is rising and it’s due to factors such as McDonalds knowingly
producing unhealthy food, which causes many side affects. There have been many illnesses
that surround obesity, such as heart disease, stroke, asthma, and breast cancer. There are
many other diseases as well. Their food causes obvious damage to consumers, including the
probability of death. This is just unethical because they continue to put out harmful food, without
providing us with any real information, and we all continue to eat there. The behavior of how
McDonalds is practicing business wise is definitely unethical because they’re making the profit
to them more valuable, rather than the well being of their customers.
The have influenced obesity into our culture basically, by making it cheap and
accessible. I do in fact believe that this corporation is definitely unethical, therefore making it
unsafe for consumers. After this documentary came out McDonalds discontinued their “super
size” promotions. This film has truly shown the dangerous side of this fast food restaurant and
how poorly the corporation has handled the production of this restaurant as well, making it
Documentaries like this one truly show the real sides of a company like how this showed
what eating McDonalds can do to your health. We can see an outsider’s perspective as a good
sign because we get to go deep into the controversy without actually acting it out ourselves.
However, documentaries can either have a positive or negative impact to a corporation. It is a
difficult for one to choose the healthy option in this case because the healthy foods are usually
more expensive, so people don’t have much of a choice, but this film helped open the eyes to
Film review three “The China Syndrome”
In the famous and award winning film, The China Syndrome, directed by James Bridges a TLA
television human interest reporter Kimberly Wells desires to become a big shot in major news
stories, but her station wants her to stay in her current position. The station is more concerned
about how nice her hair looks, rather than her ability to investigate. She was doing a humaninterest story at a nuclear power plant, when she witnesses a near nuclear disaster. While this
event is unfolding Richard Adams, her freelance cameraman and friend, films in the control
room in Ventana. Unfortunately, the station doesn’t allow it because of liability problems.
Kimberly decided to listen to her boss because she wanted to protect the path she took for her
career. Unlike, Richard who wanted to use the evidence he got on film to find out what truly
Discovering the truth led to an early snag when the commission reports that then power plant
faced no significant issue during the incident. Kimberly and Richard thought that report was due
to the fact that another power plant is under development for a nuclear power plant. Jack
Godell, who is the supervisor at the power plant in the control room. He was there during the
incident; he thinks that something is definitely wrong at the power plant due to the event going
on currently.
Jack’s beliefs are heightened because there was a radioactive leak in the plant from a source
that remains unknown and the discovery of some fabricated documents, the latter which he
knows may be a threat to his life by the perpetrators. Jack, with Kimberly and Richard’s
assistance, does whatever it takes to get his story out in the public to avert what he thinks can
be a potential nuclear meltdown at the plant. However, the power company is strongminded to
keep Jack quiet and to protect their billion-dollar investment which is named Ventana.
Activists and journalists can have a big influence on people’s life. They are the way of true
communication between a corporation and the consumers. In conclusion from this film, medias
are looking to make money and they would protect corporations. Activists always are trying to
tell the truth although there is a lot of controversy. An example of this is how many medias are
supporters of a specific political party and this influences the people they interview. Medias are
popular between people and many individuals trust them, but it is difficult for activists to view
concepts in the media.
Education can also have a big impact in informing the public about specific problems. I believe
that sometimes well-informed population is under inspiration working for different companies.
According to the movie, the engineer wasn’t allowed to talk about the accident or anything he
knew about. Several people in society that are educated very well and are working in
companies who are aware of scams sometimes have a hard time to speak up about the truth.
This reason can be because of money or even threats. College brings a rougher society by
replicating students with the mind of accepting the situations, and how to escape such issues.
This allows students to observe the differences about such events taking place.
Government also has a big obligation towards its society. This is because if something happens
it could cause them to explain the problem. Since they give so much rights and powers to all
these companies, it makes it more difficult for them to control their actions. In my opinion, the
government should control corporations to a certain extent. They shouldn’t take advantage of
their powers and they should only use it for the better world. In conclusion, I feel like the
government is being oblivious about power of corporation and it feels like they are
accompanying them.
Film review four “American History X”
The 1998 hit movie “American History X” touches bases on discrimination and not only
the impacts it had, but also the ongoing issues of it as well. Director Tony Kaye tries to bring to
life the time period where he attended jail and the time that he had spent in jail, along with what
occurs whenever he gets released from prison and does all he can in his power to be an aid to
his brother. With a tragic death occurring in Derek’s (the main character) family, his entire life
shifted and turned upside down. His father had a huge impact on his life, therefore with him
being gone, Derek turned to the wrong path and started completely changing his behavior. One
big change was him joining a gang. This gang that he was now a part of was doing things that
the Nazi’s would do back in the day. Not only was he affiliated with a bad environment now, but
the gang related things he did was beyond detrimental. Some of the things that his gang did
was be discriminative towards not only African Americans, but also immigrants as well. The
things they would do that hurt these people directly was burning down their homes, workplaces,
and causing harm to these people’s families.
Derek was appointed by the head of the gang to get a group of white individuals in order
to go against all the other races, ethnicities, and nationalities. An instance occurred one night
where three people had tried to rob Derek’s truck , but the result was not pretty at all since his
approach was killing them all. Due to this, Derek was behind bars for three years. When Derek’s
younger brother grew a bit older, he thought it was a good idea to follow the wrong footsteps of
his older brother. Derek was not a good influence on his brother at all.
During the time that Derek was in prison, the gang grew rapidly causing more members
to join and expand the gang. The end result though was great since he finally came to terms
and got out of all gang related things to be a better person for not only himself but his family as
well. Whenever Deek was in prison, he met people that were similar to him since they were
from the same background. These people were cruel though since they abused him and tried to
hurt him in all ways possible. One loyal friend he had, was by his side through thick and thin and
did all that he can on his end to help Deek throughout all the highs and lows he experienced
when he was behind bars. When it was time for Derek to get out of prison, he shared all the
stories he had with his brother to further convince him as to why joining a gang is not a bright
idea after all. Towards the end of the movie, Danny (Derek’s younger brother) passed away due
to a shooting at his school. Even though he was convinced by his older brother to leave the
gang, he still had a lot of ongoing troubles that he had to endure, and in this case, the end
product of this is death. As we all know, Derek was the head of the group for the longest time
and through the power he had, he persuaded other people to join too. This shows how strong
willed Derek was because even though he did not do the right thing at first, he still had the
ability to make people do what he said and control them.
Leaders have a very powerful role in shaping an ethical behaviors in a community, they
set a foundation for how it will be organized. His brother ended up joining the gang, since he
saw Derek was apart of it. He ended up followed him, without truly knowing if it was wrong or
right. In our society we have many leaders, like the President or a King, generals, priests,
owners, activists, CEO’s, social media influencers, and our family members. A true leader is
anyone that can guide you towards a path that they have set up.
There are many factors that go into if someone should be trusted as a leader. Actors tend to
play a role on, in which the director is the leader, history can also play a big role in other factors.
As time goes by people see other leaders grow into who they have to become in order to be the
leader that they are. Being able to go back in history can sometimes make people see why
some leaders shouldn’t have had the power that they did. I believe that culture and a person’s
state of mind impacts their decision when choosing to follow a leader.
As we all know, a businesses not only need a head coordinator, corporations, but people who
are willing to go the extra mile in order to make the business flourish as a whole. The employer,
employees and all those involved in the business contribute to the bigger picture since at the
end of the day is when it all comes together and makes it all worthwhile. It is extremely vital to
know who represents a business since they are what make the business basically come to life.
Knowing the people who work with you can make a drastic change when it comes down to the
overall income and prosperity of a business.
Film review five “Donnie Darko”
In the movie Donnie Darko, which was directed by Richard Kelly was released in 2001
was written in such a complex way. In this story Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is basically in a
conflict within himself. Donnie has many problems with his family, and his community. He
doesn’t really get along with anyone, but surprisingly he made friend named Gretchen, who later
agreed to date him. His psychiatrist hypnotized Donnie in order to unlock what is in his head,
this lead to uncovering himself. Donnie has schizophrenia, he has recently stoped taking his
medication. This causes his brain into manipulating him into seeing things that aren’t really
there, which is basically a hallucination.
Donnie sees a rabbit as his hallucination, but it’s not a normal looking rabbit, it looks evil
in a way. A jet engine falls into their house, but it lands in Donnie’s room straight onto his bed.
This rabbit, whose name is Frank saved Donnie’s life in a way because Donnie started to sleep
walk Donnie had a troubled life when it came to socializing. He always argues with his
teachers, family, and classmates. Donnie spends quite amount of time with Frank, where he
begins to commit acts of vandalism and worse things. A significant theme in the film is that
Frank tells him that the world will end in twenty-eight days, six-hours, forty-two minutes, and
twelve seconds.
Personal consciousness is when one is aware of most things going on in their life and
around the world in which they live in today. This brings us to the question, what is a person
expected to know? I believe a person should know basic things for survival and safety. I also
think a person should know about them selves and self love and care. A person is expected to
also know how to act towards others and show empathy and more. However, since Donnie is
diagnosed with schizophrenia, is is very challenging for him to get to know as much as normal
people know.
If a person has no goal in “becoming better” then I honestly think that person is not
ethical. This is because you can always do better, there is no maximum level to how great you
can be or perform something. For example, if you are a great pianist, you can always practice
and find ways to improve yourself. In the same way this connects with the business
environment. This is because you can always go higher to reach the goal of the company and
figure out ways to do better, or else you are just settling for less.
The kinds of problems that there are in ordinary assessments of what makes a “good
employee” or a “competent person” is the over judgment of the persons capacity and
underestimating the task that the person is to be given. The business therefore gives individuals
an opportunity to exercise their problem solving ability as well as their ethical leadership.
In conclusion, Donnie chose to be a better person because he sacrificed himself so
everyone else can live when he thought that the world was ending. Even with a mental illness,
he handled his situation very ethically. He had trouble getting along with others such as in a
business, when you cannot get along with your coworkers. Yet, he still managed to help them
so they can be all in this together and respected one another.
Film review six “Mallrats”
Director Kevin Smith created the movie “Mallrats”, a few years after his huge success of
his film “Clerks”. This film was pretty intriguing because some of the actors and even the
characters from the “Clerks” appeared in this movie. This time around the director had more of a
budget, so they were able to shoot the movie in an actual mall.
This movie follows two friends who get dumped by their girlfriends on the same day. After that
they leave for the mall, so they can forget about being dumped. They meet many new people
while they’re at the mall, including their girlfriends.
The title of this movie explains these two friends perfectly because they’re indeed Mallrats. They
don’t go there to shop around or appear in, but their presence causes a lot of drama in the mall.
When they’re walking around the mall we see many businesses such as small clothing stores,
a book store, a cookie store, a food court, illusion art gallery, hair salon, shoe store, comic shop,
pet shop, etc. The businesses where they make money are organized by the mall like the
Easter bunny photo booth and the game show. We could also see the workers of the mall like
the security guards and so on. Most of the businesses were even outside the mall, this led to
the two friends to a fortune teller.
It’s really hard to get rid of such businesses fully, since government does not oversee
these businesses. The government usually has laws and regulation for all businesses, but they
do not look over them. The government spent the time on over seeing the cigarette companies,
since they are taxable in some states; this caused the businesses to gain more power. Another
reason can be that some of the businesses are private. They need to add that customers are
giving them great revenues and that they wouldn’t leave the market unless the customers leave
as well. They also influence the economic by a small portion.

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