all the small change in finally word filehe portfolio will consist of two of your three essay drafts (Essay #1, #2, #3) significantly revised, plus at least a paragraph analysis for each, describing what you learned about writing from the various revisions to that particular paper. So, two papers plus two analysis paragraphs.If you don’t revise the papers significantly, you grade will suffer.The “Three-Strikes” penalty will be in play for your portfolio. If you ignore three of my comments or suggestions in one paper, your portfolio grade will be adversely affected. Carefully read through my comments on Perusall. (You can sort for Professor’s comments.) If you disagree with any of my suggestions on the graded paper, that’s fine. Just write a note in caps and parentheses at the spot in question, explaining specifically why you disagreed with me and chose not to make the change. That won’t count as a strike against you (although it may still affect your grade if the paper isn’t improved). I don’t mind being thoughtfully disagreed with, but I dislike being ignored . . . repeatedly.andYou will also be required to write an analysis for each paper about what you learned from the assignment and the progression of drafts.It is evident that every individual, corporation, or government has suffered in one way or another
due to the emergence of COVID-19. Its outbreak was unprecedented and rapid, and took most
individuals, corporations, and governments by surprise. Its emergence also affected me in
various ways. Never the less, it is important to realize that the pandemic has not been overall a
negative happening since some companies and individuals have benefited from the confusion.
Individuals too had to create positive episodes and experiences with the ongoing quarantine, the
use of facemasks, as well as social distancing. It was and is still the only way out in appreciating
life at a time when many have succumbed to the killer virus.
Personally, the occurrence of the pandemic cut me off from my motherland. The pandemic
worsened at a time when I was eager to fly back to my country Saudi Arabia and enjoy the
summer holidays with my family and friends, as I narrate to them my experiences in the US. I
was stuck in DeLand city and have been forced to adapt to the new norm in the city. The closure
of air travel in all the countries when the virus was ballooning bared me from travelling to Saudi
Arabia, a situation that brought me a lot of homesickness and boredom. The social distancing
aspect worsened the situation since I had to remain indoors all the time.
One positive aspect of the occurrence of the pandemic is that it has helped me to focus on
personal development, especially programming and exercising. When focusing on programming,
the emergence of the pandemic has helped me to research more on two of my best programming
languages – Objective C and Python. I have developed notes on my findings as well as engaged
in a series of practical programming sessions to curve out my skill in the sector. I am proud that I
am now developing two programs, which I am certain, could market my skills once they are
complete. As such, the self-isolation criteria as brought about by the pandemic has not been in
vain but diverted my attention and energy in developing my passion and expertise in
Although I am usually a physical exercise enthusiast, the emergence of the pandemic and the
need for social distancing has helped me to focus more on body shaping and maintaining. I enjoy
engaging with my instructor Fahad Ness he has channel on YouTube as I gain knowledge on
how to do various body exercises. The closure of gymnasiums greatly affected this daily routine
and forced me to engage in exercising at home. I devised several home made exercising
solutions. However, the routine created boredom and I was forced to seek outside areas for
exercising. I searched the city and identified open clubs when I went routinely for exercising. It
helped to break the monotony of house based exercising and equally boosted my morale and
enthusiasm. When coronavirus cases increased, I feared for my life and was forced to seek Offer
up exercising tools, which turned out to be extremely expensive at the time. I resolved to
continue with home based exercising as I waited for resumption of gymnasium activity. Luckily,
gyms were eventually opened when the government was assured of tackling the pandemic, which
helped me to engage in more exercising to ward off homesickness and boredom. I believe
engagement in exercising also makes one stronger against viruses and continued exercising could
be a strategy to ward off possible viruses.
In order to ward off homesickness, I also engage in daily phone calls and video call using
Snapchat and WhatsApp, which has helped me to stay abreast of what is happening in my home
country. The use of video calls has helped me to remain in touch with my family and friends, as
well as assure them of my safety while in the US. My family members were initially concerned
about my safety in the US but I assured them that I adhere to all the given safety protocols. One
core lesson the pandemic has taught me is that life is short and there is every need to love, care,
and appreciate loved ones. The separation from my family and friends has helped me to value
them more as I have realized that they are a great source of my joy, peace, and happiness.
Overall, the pandemic has helped many individuals discover their hidden talents and passions, as
well as awakened their love for their family and friends.
My relationship with waterfront Jeddah
Getting attached to a particular place and having a select type of connection towards a
site is very natural. Waterfront Jeddah, just like most places, has unique features such as the
beautiful blue skies and a sandy beach that makes the place great and admired by many. The
beautiful view is breathtaking, relaxing, and calming.
The Place where I Feel Home
It is a perfect place to enjoy some alone time and to be with friends and family. It is a
serene place that offers peace of mind, the soul feels at ease, and the heart feels very close to
home. The spectacular view is something one would like to wake up to every morning. The
nature around it is attractive, and the mountain makes the place cool and calm. All this feature
makes the area so full of life with this I feel alive too when am here, and I feel hopeful about a
better tomorrow and a bright future ahead of me. I feel thrilled, accepted, and loved, and apart of
me thinks that my relationship and the connection I feel towards this place have played a vital
role in becoming who I am today.
The Place Where I Find Myself
The calm and still waters are an indication of peace, absence of stress, and serenity. The
still waters offer a clear reflection of the boats at the bay. The reviews give meaning and
importance to reflecting on oneself and meditating. It allows one to experience a new and
different life and gives an inner picture of who you are. I always get a feeling of encouragement
to reflect on my life, which helps me identify the areas that I need to improve and work on to
enhance my personal growth. In my opinion, the beautiful view of Waterfront Jeddah provides a
connection between family, peace, and love.
I love waterfront Jeddah because I feel relaxed, and I get to be myself without worrying
about anything or anyone. I enjoy spending my time here as I get to do the things I love and
interact with my hobbies. I love reading novels. The serenity of the place makes it a perfect place
to read a book. I also enjoy swimming. It is always an ideal way to do away with stress and
tension because when I am swimming, I empty my mind, and I still feel like it’s me against the
current, and there is no reason for me to worry. On most weekends, with a couple of friends, we
ride bicycles, which is something that we enjoy and allows as to reconnect. Taking a walk along
the beach in the evening is also something I do a lot often as it helps me relax and life around the
beach gives me hope that tomorrow will be better.
The Place where I Improve Myself
The connection that I have with Waterfront Jeddah has contributed a lot towards my
personal growth in all aspects of life. These include socially, emotionally, mentally, physically,
and professionally. I have met different types of people, most of which we have connected and
become very good friends. I can count on most of them whenever in need of help, and this gives
me the strength to go on knowing that I have people who have my back. They are always ready
to come through for me in remarkable ways.
At this place, I have been able to reconnect with my inner self through self-reflection and
meditation. These have enabled me to grow emotionally and to understand myself better. My
mental health has also improved as the calm and serine area gives me peace of mind, allows me
to relax, and take my mind off stressful things and occasions. I can do some physical activities
such as bicycle riding and swimming, enabling me to grow physically, keep fit, and improve my
physical health and well-being. Professionally can focus and take some time to think and develop
ideas on how to add value to my profession. I can concentrate and make decisions that are
worthwhile and meaningful towards my professional growth.
There is a picture of my city Jeddah. It is the place where the heart feels at home. I walk
here most mornings, sometimes in the evening. This is where I spend most weekends swimming,
reading novels, catching up with family and friends, and sometimes riding bicycles. It is the
place I love and appreciate most as it gives my life meaning and makes it beautiful.
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