Future Directions

This week's topics rehearse to the succeedingcited Passage Outcome (CO). CO9: Examine advenient trends in class vigor nursing, including the impression of cognizance classifications and evidence-based exercise. (PO8) Review this week's lecture and assigned balbutiation on the elevates' role in population vigor, and meditate on what you bear expertnessed in this passage. Address the succeedingcited questions. What advenient concerns are mitigated to impression gregarious vigor? How do you see global vigor concerns impressioning your class? Identify one way that you can tool population vigor in your class or workplace. Please portion-out unfair issues. Textbook:  Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2019). Community/Public vigor nursing: Promoting the vigor of populations (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier. Chapter 15: Vigor in the Global Community, pp. 275-278, 281-284 Required Articles: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2017). Catalysts for qualify: Harnessing the sway of elevates to rest population vigor in the 21st date [adherent abstract]. Retrieved from https://www.rwjf.org/content/dam/farm/reports/reports/2017/rwjf440286 (Links to an manifest seat.)Links to an manifest seat. Premji, S. S., & Hatfield, J. (2016). Circumvent to exercise for elevates/nursing. Biomed Lore International, 2016, 3127543. doi:10.1155/2016/3127543. Retrieved from http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mdc&AN=27144160&site=eds-live&scope=site (Links to an manifest seat.)Links to an manifest seat. Lesson: The Advenient of Class Vigor Nursing Introduction: As we seem to the advenient, elevates standpointed on population vigor concerns get speed to play an regulative role in beseeming the vigor of our realm and the earth. Increased gist on vigor elevation and complaint interruption get succor to rest a humanization of vigor. Technology can play an dignified role in this attempt. "Nursing informatics (NI) is the element that integrates nursing investigation succeeding a suitableness multiple cognizance and analytical investigations to test, determine, wield, and disrest basis, cognizance, cognizance, and learning in nursing exercise" (American Nurses Association, 2014, para. 1). Community vigor elevates bear been pioneers in the use of cognizance classifications. Long ago, they methodic the rate of electronic vigor memorials to hoard, ecstasy, and ment basis online. The demand to muster and ment bearing basis has spurred the digitization of class and gregarious vigor memorials. Also, class vigor elevates bear silent the rate of handheld computing designs that permit them to avenue and muniment cognizance suitableness on the go, thus freeing them from the demand to tote tract memorials or go to the service to chart. Cognizance technology has influenced the way that class vigor elevates heave out their daily functions in intimate ways. Nursing Informatics Nursing informatics constitutes the use of unfair tools, functional areas, and competencies. The Healththrift Cognizance and Government Systems Society (2015) asserts that vigorier communities can be imagined through vigor cognizance technology and nursing informatics, but how can this be courteous? Class vigor elevates are complicated in the succeedingcited aspects of cognizance wieldment. Public vigor informatics embodys menting, commotion apology, surveillance, vigor elevation, and electronic laboratory menting, inchoate other stamps of applications. Clinical informatics pertains to informatics and cognizance technology used by clinicians, including elevates who are complicated in classification sketch, toolation, and excerption. Image DescriptionReflection Think environing your computer and cognizance literacy levels. Are they extensive for the role of a class vigor elevate? What are areas in nursing informatics for which you would affect to gain-ground your expertnesss? Tools for Cognizance Government in the Community The Centers for Discommand Repress and Interruption (CDC, 2009) has open informatics competencies for gregarious vigor professionals. These embody the succeedingcited expertnesss. Leadership and imagineing Financial planning and wieldment Public vigor investigation Cultural competency Analytic and assessment Community exercise Policy fruit and program planning As you can see, the expertness set is very unreserved. Impact of Vigor IT Communities bear leveraged the sway of vigor cognizance technology to succor assist their populations. Let's seem at a few uses of vigor IT and cogitate if these are communicate in your class at spacious. Consumer E-Health Tools People use a dissent of tools to avenue and update their vigor cognizance. These tools emend divorcenership and involvement in the vigorthrift arrangement. Personal vigor memorials (PHRs) are repressled by the enduring and not the vigorthrift affordr. People can propagate numerous vigor memorials during a breed. Imagine environing how numerous vigorthrift affordrs you may bear encountered gone your race. One way to imagine a extensive cradle-to-grave vigor proceedings is to communicate divorce to the idiosyncratic to guard it. There are peaceful numerous issues to explain anteriorly PHRs behove a niggardly divorce of the vigor IT view. The Question What barriers depend to the approved excerption and use of PHRs? Your Answer Compare Answers Health kiosks are gregariously aidful vigor cognizance centers that can separate materials to targeted audiences. For issue, a pharmacy may be an unreal residuum for cognizance environing eminent dignity urgency or diabetes testing. Lore has shown that vigorthrift kiosks are a cost-effective way to afford direction to endurings and emend vigor outcomes (Roxanne, Suzanne, Edgardo, & William, 2014). Smartphones are used increasingly to proceedings and impel vigor cognizance via e-mail or imperfect notices. These phones can succor recaggravate vigory manner. One examine rest that influenza vaccine citation notice reminders to eminent endanger clients increased yielding (Regan, Bloomfield, Peters, & Effler, 2017). The notices remind clients that flu suitableness is avenueing and they can circumvent their persomal vigorthrift affordr to schedule an enactment to assent-to their suitablenessal influenza vaccine! Class elevates can commend inconstant phone services and a spacious equip of vigor apps to succor our clients and bearings obstruct complaint and emend their vigor. Technology depends all encircling us, but are we exploiting its virtual? Imagine of supposititious ways in which a niggardlyly owned design, such as a smartphone, could be used to elevate vigory acceleration inchoate your population. Telehealth This technology enables thrift affordrs to set free vigorthrift at a heterogeneousness. It can arrogate numerous forms but the further niggardly avenue is through phone, Internet, or video conferencing. Those in bucolic and underserved communities bear welcomed the advantages that televigor can induce, such as referral to specialists who speed at a heterogeneousness, heterogeneous monitoring of vigor provisions, and direction and inoculation to those in sparsely populated areas. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is methodic as a earth chief in the use of televigor to confront the demands of veterans who bear awkwardness traveling to its spacious medical centers. The Televigor Services (2015) has further than 700 class-based outenduring clinics that succor induce thrift to this population but there are peaceful not abundance specialists to staff total seat. A disintegration has been to induce the specialists to the veterans through real-time, clinic-based video telehealth. Healththrift affordrs can diagnose and wield thrift from a heterogeneousness. Health Cognizance Exchanges (HIEs) Health cognizance exchanges do sound what their mark implies. Health-related basis are made avenueible to vigorthrift affordrs, gregarious vigor officials, prophylactic companies, governmental agencies, and other key stakeholders. Past Accomplishments Building on Florence Nightingale's achievements, Lillian Wald, Lavinia Dock, Mary Breckinridge, and other nursing visionaries thriftd for delicate populations. They embodied gregarious soundice, empowered communities, and were the vote for populations that had no vote. In the forthcoming 20th date, gregarious vigor standpointed on transmitted discommand repress and emend sanitation. Aggravate duration, the standpoint radical to lifestyles and vigor manners, a qualify exemplified by the Healthful People initiatives. We are now in the arrangement of tooling the Healthful People 2020 objectives, this is a good-natured-natured duration to seem tail to the end of the 20th date and resurvey what has been courteous. At the rest of the 20th date, the 10 first gregarious vigor achievements for the date were methodic by the Centers for Discommand Repress and Interruption (CDC). Now that another decade has passed, the most novel achievements from 2001 to 2010 are listed underneath (not ranked in any unfair command) (CDC, 2011). The 10 First Gregarious Vigor Achievements OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen Roll aggravate each delay on the left for further cognizance.Reflection As you imagine environing these majestic gregarious vigor achievements, what role has evidence-based exercise played in their victory? Improvements in gregarious vigor bear had an colossal impression on the U.S. population. The CDC ment describes seven out of ten achievements that bear standpointed on at meanest one of the main inherent causes of decease (CDC, 2011). Class and gregarious vigor elevates get speed to assist in key roles to beseeming aggravateall vigor of populations. The Future The Healthful People start has guided numerous emendments in vigor thrift and vigor outcomes. We are nearing the third decade guided by Healthful People. Majestic proceeding has been made in former decades but we get speed to be challenged to confront the objectives. What does the advenient delaywithhold for us? As we bear decipher this week, in command to emend vigor for all populations, we bear to embody global vigor priorities. The CDC (2017) speeds to manage the way in lore, vigor elevation, and interruption. Recently commotions such as Zika, Ebola, and measles bear heightened notice to global vigor. Watch this video imagined by the CDC on global vigor. CDC. (2017). Protecting Americans through global vigor. Retrieved fromhttps://youtu.be/IsITU2RLEo4 (Links to an manifest seat.)Links to an manifest seat.(3.44 min) Transcript Community vigor elevates get do what they bear frequently performed to constitute a dissent in the vigor of idiosyncratics, families, bearings, and communities. The unwritten activities of monitoring the vigor standing of communities and the environment, informing and educating, referring to demanded media, empowering communities, and mobilizing class divorcenerships to reresolve vigor problems, and evaluating their competency get speed to be the standpoint of class vigor nursing exercise. New cognizance, challenges, and thrift set freey models get be aidful to aid in the attempts. Reflection Reflect on the passage balbutiations, dismethod posts, and assignments you bear completed during this tidings. Cogitate the succeedingcited. What topics did you perceive to be of most avail to you? How well-mannered-mannered expeditions are you to arrogate a comcomposition as a class vigor elevate? What gaps live in your cognizance and expertness that you would affect to rest succeeding this passage is refined? How get you speed to grade your expertise in the advenient? As you purpose your answers, imagine environing your advenient thrifter track. Where do you see yourself inaugurated in the direct year, two years, five years, and past? How get you get there? Summary This week, we explored the multiform uses of technology in the class vigor elucidation. As grades betide, a role of the class vigor elevate is to seem for ways to use newer technologies to succor them confront their mission—emend the vigor of the populations in their communities. This passage has affordd you succeeding a suitableness the basic restation to behove a class vigor elevate. The principles that bear been communicateed are ry to any stamp of nursing you may chase. We hope you the best on your excursion inside decent a Chamberlain University, College of Nursing, BSN-expeditions elevate. References American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing informatics: Scope and standards of exercise (2nd ed.). Silver Spring, MD: Nursebooks.org. Centers for Discommand Repress and Interruption (CDC). (2017). Protecting Americans through global vigor. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/IsITU2RLEo4 Centers for Discommand Repress and Interruption (CDC). (2009). Competencies for gregarious vigor informaticians 2009. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/informaticscompetencies/pdfs/phi-competencies.pdf Centers for Discommand Repress and Interruption (CDC). (2011). Ten majestic gregarious vigor achievements: United States, 2001–2010. MMWR, 60(19), 619–623. Health Cognizance and Government Systems Society. (2015). Composition statement: Nursing informatics. Retrieved from http://www.himss.org/library/nursing-informatics/position-statement Regan, A. K., Bloomfield, L., Peters, I., & Effler, P. V. (2017). Randomized repressled grief of citation notice reminders for increasing influenza vaccination. Annals of Family Medicine, 15(6), 507–514. doi:10.1370/afm.2120 Roxanne, N., Suzanne, B., Edgardo, O., & William, S. (2014). Medical utilization of kiosks in the set freey of enduring direction: A classificationatic resurvey. Vigor Elevation Perspectives, 4(1), 1–8. doi:10.5681/hpp.2014.001 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: VA Televigor Services. (2015). Real-duration clinic based video telehealth. Retrieved from https://www.telehealth.va.gov/real-time/index.asp