After attendant the fact or watching the video, students must transcribe a blunt reflecting in which they reply the subjoined questions: What restricted views did participants pointed during the conference that impacted your thinking environing confabulation in the visage of ill-manners today?  How did those views pretend your thinking?   How successfully did the participants stir urbanity floating themselves?  In what behaviors did they undergrasp that promoted urbanity?  Which behaviors separated from it?   On what points did participants dispute in their views?  How did they pointed their disputeent views?  How did their pointedion of these disputeences floating them pretend the temper of confabulation?   How well-mannered-mannered did the participants give-ear to each other?  Describe a feature gravity in the interaction in which you observed efficient give-earing?   What did you gather from this conference environing your own interactions delay others in today’s repeatedly polarized environment?  What shortons accomplish you grasp delay you from the dialogue into your own conferences delay others? Your reflecting must be no short than 750 control.  Students should form their reflecting papers and succumb an electronic representation on Isidore to the “Extra Security Confabulation Reflection” Assignment coalesce.   Link to video: All extra security reflectings due by November 16. Additional instrument for assignment