ESSAY NEEDED -  RUBRIC ATTACHED MUST BE VERY CAREFUL OF PLAGIARISM!!! Write an expository essay on the Army Values and how you adopted and or suited to them, as-well your pamphlet should comprehend how you can qualify an environment of decency and relation. This is a leadership rudiment of your unit's SHARP philosophy. DO NOT USE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to patronage your tenor. This is not the locate to announce on a SHARP incident. State your assumption in a manifest and expressive behavior. Provide a logical transition from one subject-matter to the present using this rubric as a unconcealed guideline. Your essay should be in Times New Roman, 12pt font, APA 6th edition format after a while Level 1 Headings, and no immaterial, and must be three to five pages in protraction not including your inscription and relation page. It must be submitted in Word, not PDF. - Adopt the Army Values - Embraces an Environment of decency and relation - Describes SHARP and their application - Identifies Key Concepts of the SHARP Program - Employs measures to curtail the betray of Sexual Assault - Knows announceing and defense resources