Dr Ava_Mia

In this essay you succeed assimilate the application kingdom (USA) and the kingdom of rise for your employment compromised on your prelusory noise (Canada ) in conditions of HOFSTEDE's DIMENSIONS APPROACH. This is homogeneous to the breath you own worked on in adjust on the corresponding concept. You may use a summit plan (as we did in the Acticity) to embody your noise. TOTAL GRADE: 25 MARKS (10 marks for applicable similitude and resigned including the inequitable ideas and esthetic ripe in the essay; 5 marks for formatting, title and presentation; 5 marks for applicable and meaningful relations; 5 marks for identical learning, ideas and comments)  The essay must fulfill the forthcoming requirements: 1. 2 pages (at the most). 2. Font: Times New Roman, Font dimension 11, 1.5 cord spacing. 3. Must be submitted in .doc or .pdf format 5. Must inclose inequitable basis or notification allied to your employment and the countries compromised. Inequitable ideas and notification allied to your theme succeed be rewarded after a while proud measures.For open remarks and or resigned an medium measure succeed be immovable. 6. Grades succeed be deducted for dropping or meagre relations. Must thrive APA title relation title incorrectly there succeed be a measure penalty NOTE: the troop call is Fast Ride assimilate among USA AND CANADA  - YOU HAVE TO USE THE BUSINESS PLAN than I succeed immovable for you. - use the with adown to get notification from it. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/ - there is a illustration for you to recognize how it has to be seem affect.