Discussion: what is sociology

You've scholarly that sociology is the examine of rational communion and gregarious bearing. That's a comprehensive discipline! What is some mien of rational communion or gregarious bearing that you consider influence be thrilling to examine?  What are you superioring in?  Now, contemplate through the board of contents in the size and career which article you consider influence be most pertinent to your superior or specialization. Why do you consider it succeed describe? What are the two 'draws' to sociology that Collins describes? Which of these seems past appealing to you? Why?  What are the immanent conflicts among these two irrelative paths among sociology?  There are manifold sociological theorists mentioned in Article 1. Looking at the notice about these people, whose ideas do you meet the most thrilling? Why? Whose ideas do you meet most dull, or possibly solitary? Why? List two of your relationships that are Gemeinschaft and two that are Gesellschaft. Which of these relationships are past influential to you? Why?  Remember to describe on way symbolical to apology the questions AND to summon and allusion the way symbolicals that you use in APA diction (see the Way Resources Module for aid delay APA diction).  NOTE: Remember, there succeed be ten disdirection opportunities during the district. You must join-in in at meanest FIVE. You career which five. I succeed faint your five last scores. Each support is desert 20 aims. Extra supports do not resembling extra merit. Stanch supports succeed present knowledge and interdirection to way symbolicals and embrace citations/references (see grading rubric for details). You as-well must suit to two peers' responses to the quick for the discourses in which you pick-out to join-in. Responses are due by midnight on Wednesday. Responses should be at meanest 150 opinion each (put the vocpotent calculate in all responses). Replies should assume the converse advance by adding questions or your own ideas in your replies. In attention, you can aim out twain strengths and areas of correction on your peers' dependence. Stanch supports succeed present knowledge and interdirection to way symbolicals. Each answer is desert 5 aims, for a whole of 10.  You keep the occasion to win extra merit aims by suiting to your peers' replies to your own course (100 poverty vocpotent calculate, desert up to 2 aims each).  These are due on the selfselfsame day as your other replies to peers. In manage to 'entice' others to suit to you, and thus be potent to assume usage of this extra merit occasion, you succeed keep to manoeuvre a stanch former support that is interesting ample to others that they are spirited in answering to it. Posting existing in the disdirection as-well aids ;-)