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Sandra:  Chronic constipation is a motive of warn in the United States distinctly discurrent the adults. The symptoms of constant constipation include: abdominal disinclination, Departure out dense stools and clarification when departure stool. Apart from the home remedies towards constant constipation affect portico noble fiber prop and a lot of inspire, medication is superior in the texture of constant constipation. One of the medications that can be used in the texture of constant constipation is linaclotide which should be fascinated at a dose of 4mg per day for two weeks (Ford et al, 2014). Soap dissection of the subject study Subjective The unrepining presented herself to the clinic repining of abdominal bloating, constant constipation and deficient determine.She so involved that the symptoms keep been worse for the departed three months. In enumeration, the unrepining argued that plain succeeding portico Miralax medication one packet daily for 8 weeks the symptoms are stagnant there and there is no modify. Objective The influence of the unrepining is 140 pounds conjuncture the altitude is 5 feet and five inches. The unrepining has no edema and no teeth mislaying seen. Glucose smooth is typical behind a while no abdominal distention. The BMI of the unrepining is 31 corpulence behind a while a Bp of 110/70 T 98.0 po P 80 R 22.Hgb of the unrepining is 15.2 Assessment Primary distinction indicates constantal constipation Secondary distinction indicates IBS-Constipation and Deficient Defecation Plan Plan medication for the unrepining is 4 mg of linaclotide daily for two weeks and intonation docility criterion to evaluate if unrepining has deficient determine. Biofeedback bowel retraining program should ensue if criterion is definitive to improve motives of deficient determine. The unrepining’s instant mark is succeeding view weeks for checkup (Ford et al, 2014). Prescription 13950 sw 270th Miami, Fl Tel 305-256-5237 Sandra Robles, ARNP                                                                                                                 Date: 02/16/2018 -linaclotide 4mg for 2 weeks Mrs. S.R. (Pt designate) Age 46 years Reference Ford, A. C., Moayyedi, P., Lacy, B. E., Lembo, A. J., Saito, Y. A., Schiller, L. R., ... & Quigley, E. M. (2014). American College of Gastroenterology article on the skill of peevish bowel syndrome and constant idiopathic constipation. The American record of gastroenterology, 109(S1), S2.