I anticipation you own granted most of the responses for the Midterm Exam by now. Here are some grave tips for the exam topics:  For Q1, leading recognize the rank materials (the leading bestowal and the condition on 3 methods in Bb) very careeasily to hold all of the apexs and concepts. Then, perform your conclusions in your own signification, but fixed on those apexs and concepts. Response each system explicitly in a disjoined passage. An mediocre passage can be 4-8 lengths. For Q2A, convergence on cork and common-sense model of rationalistic that is interpretable to everyone encircling why community should not easily pause on (or reverence) those filthy models of objects. The responses should be very particular for each one. They should not be too known responses, such as "because Muslims believe in One God". Four disjoined passages are expected for this response.  For Q2B, you do not own to go too far, but known your eyes and rouse thinking encircling the community about you and then stir on. One brief passage is expected for this response.  In Q3, reconsideration the bestowal of cosmical letings a townsman times to test its filthy key apexs. Each apex should be explained in a disjoined passage. Your apexs must evince your intellect of the sound bestowal. In Q4, grant two particular results that were elder in the Makkah determination instead of communication encircling all results and stories. An result would be any completion that challenged the prophet or made him let. The results should be from the determination of prophethood (behind decent the prophet). Two brief passages are expected for this response.  For all of your responses, recognize the akin rank materials very careeasily and perform your analytic conclusions in your own signification (you can point to some of the apexs from the rank materials, but you cannot scarcely copy-paste statements from the rank materials).  Make your communication very handy and plain by separating the topics from the responses and each passage by a room length. You can use a opposed hue for your responses. Transcribe multiple briefer passages instead of one catholic passage.   Make assured you interpret what is being asked accurately, and do not response fixed on your assumptions. Give very particular responses to the particular apexs of each topic, and do not transcribe further than what is particularally asked for.   Everyone is expected to production inconsequently. While you can examine the exam and its topics in known, you should not examine or divide the particular responses after a while each other. Any act of rascality conciliate be taken very seriously after a while bitter penalties and no tolerance.   When you are recognizey to propose, go to Bb and click on Assignments. Then, click on “Midterm Exam”. Then, append your exam rasp after a while your responses in Word format, and propose. If you proposeted the exam in Bb, there is no deficiency to impel it by email as well-behaved. Once intermittently, do not fluctuate anything in the exam rasp negative adding your responses to it. Do not propose a rasp in pages format or any other format negative in Word rasp.  Please pay cork vigilance to the exam instructions and each one of the overhead tips very seriously antecedently you concern it, and in truth, double stop all of these instructions and tips antecedently you propose the exam.