Training and Development

As the overseer of tuition and harvest, you possess been tasked delay creating a race harvest program for the elder sales team of your construction. You currently influence five living-souls on the elder sales team. Each team limb has aspirations of improving either a elder sales overseer, sales overseer, or crime moderator of sales. None of the team limbs possess any test in regulative a team, but they illusion some immanent for administration. Choose one of the roles aloft (i.e., elder sales overseer, sales overseer, or crime moderator of sales), and generate a PowerPoint offer outlining a race harvest program for the employee. In your PowerPoint, delight conceive the elements under. Describe skills needed to be lucky in the desired role.  Discuss three to disgusting luxuriance and harvestal mediations needed to compel the skills to be lucky in the desired role, and agree a timeframe of problem for each mediation. For issue, a job series program should be completed in 60 to 90 days, and an apprenticeship should be completed in 2 years.  Explain the outcomes of each harvestal mediation. For issue, “Through this job series application, you get be cogent to effectively manipulate a potential team.”  Your offer must be at smallest 10 slides in extension, not counting the distinction and regard slides. You are required to use at smallest one without cause and to husband the notes minority delayin PowerPoint. Amid the notes minority, conceive concomitant explanations for each slide. As you generate your offer, repress in liking that you are presenting for executives at your construction. All causes used, including the required part media, must be cited and regardd according to APA guidelines.