Trade Secret Thief Study

The meaning of this assignment is to enumerate when occupation proceeds may institute metaphysical gear (IP), to stir when an IP stealing has occurred and practicable remedies for IP stealing, and to assess the avail of protecting and enforcing IP hues in a occupation contrast. Read the aftercited scenario.  Futuretek dispose-ofs high-tech computer pieces and software to smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Futuretek maintains two software databases: one containing Futuretek's customer catalogue delay nonpublic adjunction notification for key personnel, and the other containing customer purchasing trends. The notification in the two databases is advantageous for employees to reoffer and use in relationship delay their job duties. Dana is a computer programmer for Futuretek. Dana plans to run her own order one day and scheme and dispose-of her own computer pieces to smartphone companies. As an employee, she has access to the two databases containing Futuretek's key purchaser and purchasing trends notification. Dana decides to concession Futuretek and initiate her own computer piece occupation. Before she concessions, she makes a delineation of the two databases on a manageable severe accelerate. Dana uses the notification to adjunction Futuretek's customers and tender them cheaper, but similar, computer pieces concocted by Dana's new order, SmartChip. Futuretek becomes conscious of Dana's actions and asks you, the highest operations manager, for advice and recommendations on what to do. In a 5- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® offer, consummate the aftercited: Determine whether Dana has captured Futuretek's metaphysical gear (IP), and if so, explain the sign(s) of IP that was captured. Explain any political actions in tort or sinful actions that may be brought opposing Dana or SmartChip. Assume Futuretek sues SmartChip, and Futuretek wins the lawsuit. Recommend intellectual policies that SmartChip can put into attribute to anticipate coming constitutional claims and litigation opposing the order. Recommend occasion skillful-treatment procedures that Futuretek can instrument to shirk or article this sign of principle from happening to the order in the coming. Cite a narrowness of two references according to APA guidelines.