topic 1 n 2

   Topic 1 Research using the GASB standards to furnish counsel to succor you defense the forthcoming question: Do you imagine empireal and non-profit organizations should thrive divergent accounting standards than for-profit organizations?  Requirements: · 150 words · Surce: GASB  Topic 2 This week we reviewed Budgetary Accounting and the budgeting order. As defined in your textbook, resistances are "an authorization for dignitarys to use financial media on interest of the empire not to abound the wholes limited in the resistance institute or enactment, for the purposes set forth in that institute or enactment, during the epoch of term limited." Discuss what penalties or results would insist if an dignitary were to use more than the allotted whole on a detail useiture. Give an issue of how this rule happen.  Requirements: · 150 words · Book: Reck, J. &Lowensohn,S. (2018). Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities, 18thed, York, NY: Mc-Graw Hill