Strategic Plan and Self-Reflection Summary

    Instructions Assignment 1: LASA 2 Strategic Pur-pose and Self-Reflection Summary Review the judicious scenario and the Strategic Profession Pur-pose presented in Module 1 to bring-about unquestioning that the requirements of the Board and the Disunite II Strategic Pur-pose are met. In command to as the requirements of the Board, you allure adapt the last Strategic Profession Plan—Part II—Strategic Pur-pose to the Executive Board. Enunquestioning your strategic pur-pose is powerful, close, and exhaustive. Challenge yourself to embody the targets to disuniteicular initiatives you bear verified in the Strategic Pur-pose you are developing for H-D. Your written fame should grasp a name page, board of space, executive abridgment, and each of the subjoined sections in an 8- to 12-page fame: Part I: Global Administration & Factors Important H-D    Identify H-D’s Motivations & Risks Motivations for Expansion Risks in Expansion Explain H-D’s competitive custom in Global Markets Determine and illustrate note strategies for global paraphrase Recommend an Internet way/strategy for H-D How the Internet adds value Internet Profession Models Competitive Strategies Leverage E-Business Capabilities Part II: Corporate Leadership Develop the subjoined: Prevalent Direction Setting Organizational Culture: In individualization, evaluate the amelioration at Harley-Davidson (H-D) and specify what attributes you consider team members should occupy in reaching the profession goals set forth by the construction. If you were disunite of the address team at H-D, what motivational techniques would you tool to bring-about these teams auspicious? Organizational Design: As you bear been completing the Strategic Profession Plan, the address at Harley-Davidson has ruled to catch a team-oriented way in contrariant divisions rather than the transmitted, professional constituency. Based on your apprehension of contrariant types of teams and their nucleus, insinuate what kinds of team strategies should be applied to each division. Be unquestioning to illustrate your confideations in element. Leadership Traits Ethical Construction Characteristics Identify elements Identify privation elements Learning Construction Characteristics Identify elements Identify privation elements Part III: Strategic Pur-pose Summary Conclusions Recommendations Implementation Discuss how you allure tool your strategic pur-poses, including how teams should be tooled in each division Develop a paltry roadmap for toolation Identify the important benchmarks to assess achievement or failure Risks Part IV:  Self-Reflection Summary Self-reflection is the key to cheerful example and cheerful address. Reflect on what you bear erudite in this assort and on what you gained from your Bachelor of Science program. Based on your reflections, examine the subjoined: Five or six key “lessons” erudite from the textbook and the pleased that allure succor you in your walk. Consider what you bear erudite throughout this program. Examine walk opportunities that share you in profession. Include what you bear erudite about yourself. Evaluate how your special biases and assumptions bear unnatural your effect in the spent and how you pur-pose to contrive them in the forthcoming. Your last effect allure be in an MS Word instrument closely 8–12 pages in protraction and utilizing closely 4–6 scholarly/professional sources. Your instrument should be written in a open, compendious, and arranged manner; evince religions culture in considerate justice and attribution of sources; and exhibit considerate spelling, expression, and punctuation. Submit your last Strategic Profession Plan—Part II—Strategic Pur-pose delay your self-reflection abridgment to the Submissions Area by the due determination assigned . Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Assignment Components Explain the prevalent global administration, the motivational/risk factors important H-D, and their competitive custom.32 points Determine and illustrate note strategies for global paraphrase and confide Internet wayes for H-D..44 points Explain H-D’s prevalent directional setting, constructional amelioration, and guile. Confide and illustrate team strategies for each division.32 points Explain H-D’s example traits, religions characteristics, and its culture environment.40 points Provide a Strategic Pur-pose Abridgment to grasp your conclusions, confideations, toolation, and risks.56 points Identify and illustrate 5–6 key lessons erudite and how they allure succor you in your prevalent and forthcoming walk. Grasp an evaluation of your own special biases and assumptions and how you pur-pose to contrive them in the forthcoming.32 points  Academic Writing Construction (16) points Usage and Mechanics (16) points APA Elements (24) points Style (8) 64 points Total:300 points Attachments