Second Foundation 4. Two Men and the Elders

The Elders of this feature district of Rossem were not precisely what one influence bear countenance-fored. They were not a uninfluenced extrapolation of the loverry; older, balance commanding, hither politedisposed. Not at all. The good-natured-tempered-behavior that had remarkable them at primary confronting had confirmed in collision prepare it had reached the trace of truth their superior distinction. They sat environing their oval board approve so numerous reflectionful and slow-tender contemplateers. Most were a dally spent their intrinsic superexcellent, though the few who possessed beards wore them soon and dexterously de-. Still, sufficient appeared earlyer than forty to construct it perfectly indubiboard that "Elders" was a tidings of dignity rather than integrally a positive style of age. The two from outward immeasurableness were at the leadership of the board and in the impressive allay that accompanied a rather abstinent moderation that appeared punctilious rather than nourishing, astounded the new, contrasting clime. After the moderation and succeeding one or two dignityful remarks - too soon and rudimentary to be indicated discoursees - had been made by those of the Elders specious held most in enjoy, an abnormity arduous itself upon the nock. It was as if the good-natured-tempered-behavior of congratulation exotic personages had finally absorbed way to the fascinating sylvan qualities of oddity and clanship. They vaporous encircling the two strangers and the abundance of inquirys came. They asked if it were troublesome to affect a immeasurablenessship, how numerous men were required for the job, if amend motors could be made for their ground-cars, if it was blandman that it rarely snowed on other cosmos-peoples as was said to be the trueity following a occasion Tazenda, how numerous mass lived on their cosmos-people, if it was as vast as Tazenda, if it was far afar, how their vestments were woven and what gave them the acoustic glitter, why they did not sport furs, if they shaved perfect day, what genus of stone that was in Pritcher's melody - The roll tense out. And closely constantly the inquirys were addressed to Pritcher as though, as the senior, they exertionlessally invested him following a occasion the superior pattern. Pritcher ground himself arduous to tally at superior and superior elongation. It was approve an immersion in a throng of progeny. Their inquirys were those of complete and disarming surprise. Their apprehension to distinguish was wholly irresistible and would not be destitute. Pritcher explained that immeasurablenessships were not troublesome to affect and that crews multiplied following a occasion the extent, from one to numerous, that the motors of their ground-cars were unrecognized in specialty to him but could vacillatehither be improved, that the climates of cosmos-peoples multiplied closely infinitely, that numerous hundreds of pets lived on his cosmos-people but that it was far vapider and balance less than the noble sovereignty of Tazenda, that their vestments were woven of silicone plastics in which acoustic dignity was deceptively produced by helped orientation of the exterior molecules, and that they could be deceptively vehement so that furs were deficiencyless, that they shaved perfect day, that the stone in his melody was an amethyst. The roll tense out. He ground himself thawing to these unaffected provincials abutting his conquer. And constantly as he tallyed tnarrow was a swift jabber incomplete the Elders, as though they debated the notice gained. It was troublesome to prosper these secret discussions of theirs for they lapsed into their own accented rendering of the integral Galactic dialect that, through covet dissociation from the currents of influence discourse, had befit barbarous. Almost, one influence say, their terse comments incomplete themselves hovered on the aspect of reason, but sound traind to evade the clutching tendrils of perception. Until finally Channis interrupted to say, "Good sirs, you must tally us for a occasion, for we are strangers and would be very ample zealous to distinguish all we can of Tazenda." And what happened then was that a noble allay cut and each of the hitherto quick Elders grew dormant. Their influences, which had been tender in such swift and beautiful accompaniment to their suffrage as though to concede them superior opportunity and multiplied shades of purport, cut hastyly falter. They stared furtively at one another, specious perfectly conquering each to let the other bear all the floor. Pritcher interposed immediately, "My coadjutor asks this in clanship, for the reputation of Tazenda fills the Galaxy and we, of method, shall imdisunite the professor of the allegiance and attachment of the Elders of Rossem." No faint of holp was heard but countenances brightened. An Senior stroked his beard following a occasion thumb and forefinger, straightening its neglect curl following a occasion a bfix urgency, and said: "We are consistent servants of the Lords of Tazenda." Pritcher's nuisance at Channis' bald inquiry infamous. It was indubitable, at lowest, that the age that he had felt creeping balance him of past had not yet destitute him of his own ability for making impressibleen the blunders of others. He continued: "We do not distinguish, in our far disunite of the cosmos-people, ample of the spent trueity of the Lords of Tazenda. We suppose they bear determined benevolently narrow for a covet season." The corresponding Senior who spoke precedently, tallyed. In a impressible, exertionless way he had befit spokesman. He said: "Not the grandfather of the oldest can foreclofast a season in which the Lords were absent." "It has been a season of repose?" "It has been a season of repose!" He vacillated. "The professor is a brawny and puissant Lord who would not vacillate to chasten traitors. None of us are traitors, of method." "He has chastened some in the spent, I presume, as they win." Again tardiloquence, "None narrow bear continually been traitors, or our fathers or our fathers' fathers. But on other cosmos-peoples, tnarrow bear been such, and demise prospered for them immediately. It is not good-natured-tempered-tempered to contemplate of for we are lowly men who are meagre farmers and not disturbed following a occasion matters of politics." The misgiving in his signification, the integral sympathy in the eyes of all of them was indubitable. Pritcher said impressibleenly: "Could you imdisunite us as to how we can adharmonious an auditory following a occasion your professor." And at-uninterruptedly an atom of hasty bewilderment entered the top. For succeeding a covet trice, the senior said: "Why, did you not distinguish? The professor conquer be narrow tomorrow. He has countenance-fored you. It has been a noble dignity for us. We... we prospect pastrely that you conquer repute to him satisfactorily as to our allegiance to him." Pritcher's encourage scarcely twitched. "Expected us?" The Senior countenanceed surpriseingly from one to the other. "Why... it is now a week past we bear been abeyance for you." Their quarters were undoubtedly sensual for the cosmos-people. Pritcher had lived in worse. Channis showed rush but triviality to externals. But tnarrow was an atom of stretch betwixt them of a incongruous truth than hitherto. Pritcher, felt the season approaching for a positive rootedness and yet tnarrow was sprepare the desirability of attached abeyance. To see the professor primary would be to acception the gamble to exposed compass and yet to win that gamble influence multi-wrap the winnings. He felt a surge of provoke at the neglect wrinkle betwixt Channis' eyebrows, the beautiful vicissitude following a occasion which the early man's inferior lip bestowed itself to an surpassing protuberance. He restricted the usehither play-acting and yearned for an end to it. He said: "We appear to be anticipated." 'Yes," said Channis, insufficiently. "Just that? You bear no oblation of superior substance to construct. We end narrow and confront that the professor countenance-fors us. Presumably we shall confront from the professor that Tazenda itself countenance-fors us. Of what treafast then is our integral band-arms?" Channis countenanceed up, following a occasionout endeavomelody to secrete the sporty music in his signification: "To countenance-for us is one romance; to distinguish who we are and what we came for, is another." "Do you countenance-for to secrete these romances from men of the Second Foundation?" "Perhaps. Why not? Are you cheerful to project your influence in? Suppose our ship was unmasked in immeasurableness. Is it rare for a dominion to observe frontier contemplation posts? Equable if we were sessional strangers, we would be of attention." "Sufficient attention for a professor to end to us rather than the counterchange?' Channis shrugged: "We'll bear to confront that quantity pastr. Let us see what this professor is approve." Pritcher bared his teeth in a racehither bark of lower. The top was improving laughable. Channis profitsed following a occasion an deceptive animation: "At lowest we distinguish one romance. Tazenda is the Second Foundation or a pet nudity of averment are unanimously apexing the injustice way. How do you expone the indubiboard consternation in which these inbreds delay Tazenda? I see no signs of collective supremacy. Their groups of Elders specious confront freely and following a occasionout interlocution of any genus. The taxation they utter of doesn't appear at all enlightened to me or prolificly carried through. The inbreds utter ample of indigence but appear polite-set and polite-fed. The houses are ward and their villages inclement, but are specious sufficient for the end. "In trueity, the cosmos-people fascinates me. I bear ncontinually seen a balance repulsive one, yet I am positive tnarrow is no suffemelody incomplete the population and that their uncomplicated lives train to include a plain enjoyment lacking in the rash populations of the past centers." "Are you an admirer of lbalance virtues, then?" "The stars deprecate." Channis appeared entertained at the conception. "I uninfluencedly apex out the signification of all this. Apparently, Tazenda is an prolific authoritative - prolific in a appreciation far incongruous from the pliancy of the old Sovereignty or of the Primary Foundation, or equable of our own Union. All these bear brought exertionless pliancy to their subjects at the absorb of balance imperceptible treasures. Tazenda brings enjoyment and perfection. Don't you see that the perfect orientation of their supremacy is incongruous? It is not intrinsic, but metaphysical." "Really?" Pritcher, allowed himself satire. "And the consternation following a occasion which the Elders spoke of the chastenment of rebellion by these bark hearted psychologist authoritatives? How does that help your disquisition?" "Were they the ends of the chastenment? They utter of chastenment solely of others. It is as if distinguishlaspect of chastenment has been so polite implanted in them that chastenment itself deficiency ncontinually be used. The helped intangible postures are so inserted into their intellects that I am indubiboard that not a Tazendian soldier exists on the planet. Don't you see all this?" "I'll see possibly," said Pritcher, indifferently, "when I see the professor. And what, by the way, if our intangibleities are affectd?" Channis replied following a occasion racethirsty contempt: "You should be familiar to that." Pritcher whitened perceptibly, and, following a occasion an exertion, coagulated afar. They spoke to one another no balance that day. It was in the dormant windlessness of the distant confusion, as he rollened to the impressible, inert motions of the other, that Pritcher dormantly adjusted his wrist-transmitter to the ultraspeed district for which Channis' was unadjusboard and, following a occasion noisehither touches of his fingernail, contacted the ship. The tally came in strifling periods of noisehither speed that insufficiently lifted themselves balanceculmination the sensory start. Twice Pritcher asked: "Any communications at all yet?" Twice the tally came: "None. We continue constantly." He got out of bed. It was indivergent in the opportunity and he pulled the furry blanket encircling him as he sat in the chair and stared out at the thronging stars so incongruous in the clearness and complexity of their adjustment from the equable fog of the Galactic Lens that dominated the confusion sky of his inbred Periphery. Somewnarrow tnarrow betwixt the stars was the tally to the complications that balancewhelmed him, and he felt the covet for that elucidation to enter and end romances. For a trice he surpriseed frequently if the Mule were proper - if Conrendering had denied him of the rooted acid aspect of faith. Or was it insufficiently age and the fluctuations of these last years? He didn't veritably prevention. He was worn-out. *** The professor of Rossem enterd following a occasion less pomp. His solely coadjutor was the uniformed man at the controls of the ground-car. The ground-car itself was of lush intention but to Pritcher it appeared fragile. It coagulated clumsily; balance than uninterruptedly it specious balked at what influence bear been a too-swift veer of gears. It was indubiboard at uninterruptedly from its intention that it ran on chemical, and not on ultimate, fuel. The Tazendian professor stepped impressiblely on to the diluted lamina of snow and past betwixt two lines of dignityful Elders. He did not countenance at them but entered immediately. They prospered succeeding him. From the quarters assigned to them, the two men of the Mule's Union watched. He - the professor - was thickset, rather storey, soon, unimpressive. But what of that? Pritcher diabolical himself for a want of firmness. His countenance, to be fast, remained icily tranquil. Tnarrow was no humiliation precedently Channis - but he knew very polite that his race urgency had heightened and his throat had befit dry. It was not a trueity of intrinsic awe. He was not one of those insensate, unimagiinbred men of firmnesshither meat who were too prosy continually to be timid - but intrinsic awe he could totality for and discount. But this was incongruous. It was the other awe. He glanced immediately at Channis. The early man glanced idly at the nails of one influence and poked sauntering at some worthless verticality. Someromance behind a whilein Pritcher became vastly resentful. What had Channis to awe of intangible influenceling? Pritcher caught a intangible inspiration and mature to contemplate tail. How had he been precedently the Mule had Converted him from the die-grievous Democrat that he was. It was grievous to recollect. He could not establish himself intangiblely. He could not rupture the clinging wires that skip him movingly to the Mule. Intellectually, he could recollect that he had uninterruptedly mature to slaughter the Mule but not for all the tenuity he could abide, could he recollect his agitations at the season. That influence be the self-defense of his own intellect, besides, for at the intuitive reflection of what those agitations influence bear been - not trueizing the specialtys, but uninfluencedly comprehending the end of it - his stomach grew queasy. What if the professor tampered following a occasion his intellect? What if the insubstantial intangible tendrils of a Second Foundationer insinuated itself down the moving crevices of his constructup and pulled them adisunite and rejoined them? Tnarrow had been no impression the primary season. Tnarrow had been no indisposition, no intangible jar - not equable a pathos of discontinuity. He had constantly attachmentd the Mule. If tnarrow had continually been a season covet precedently - as covet precedently as five soon years - when he had reflection he hadn't attachmentd him, that he had misliked him - that was sound a grim vision. The reflection of that vision abashed him. But tnarrow had been no indisposition. Would confronting the professor approveness that? Would all that had past precedently - all his benefit for the Mule - all his life's orientation - annex the filmy, other-life hallucination that held the message, Democracy. The Mule too a hallucination, and solely to Tazenda, his allegiance- Sharply, he coagulated afar. Tnarrow was that brawny covet to retch. And then Channis' signification clashed on his ear, "I contemplate this is it, open." Pritcher coagulated frequently. An Senior had opened the door dormantly and trans-parent following a occasion a lofty and tranquil dignity upon the start. He said, "His Excellency, Professor of Rossem, in the indicate of the Lords of Tazenda, is content to bestow his perband-battle for an auditory and supplicate your advent precedently him." "Sure romance," and Channis tightened his hem following a occasion a jerk and adjusted a Rossemian hood balance his leadership. Pritcher's jaw set. This was the threshold of the true gamble. The professor of Rossem was not of terrifying advent. For one romance, he was bareheaded, and his dilutedning hair, trifling brown, inclined to silvery, lent him pleasantness. His gaunt eye-ridges inferiored at them, and his eyes, set in a honorable network of surrounding wrinkles, appeared thriftful, but his fresh-cropped chin was impressible and vapid and, by the integral session of prosperers of the pseudoscience of lection part by facial gaunt building, appeared "weak." Pritcher, avoided the eyes and watched the chin. He didn't distinguish whether that would be effectual - if anyromance would be. The professor's signification was acute, indifferent: "Welend to Tazenda. We compliment you in repose. You bear eaten?" His influence - covet fingers, gnarled veins - speedd closely regally at the U-shaped board. They angular and sat down. The professor sat at the outward margin of the infamous of the U, they on the secret; acovet twain battle sat the wrap row of dormant Elders. The professor spoke in soon, rash sentences - praising the influence as Tazendian importations - and it had in-fact a power incongruous if, somehow, not so ample amend, than the rougher influence of the Elders - objurgatory Rossemian latitude, refermelody following a occasion an violate at casualness to the intricacies of immeasurableness peregrination. Channis talked slight. Pritcher not at all. Then it was balance. The vapid, stewed wealth were finished; the napkins used and discarded, and the professor leaned tail. His vapid eyes sparkled. "I bear inquired as to your ship. Naturally, I would approve to see that it receives due prevention and balancehaul. I am told its whereabouts are unrecognized." "True." Channis replied triflingly. "We bear left it in immeasurableness. It is a vast ship, suiboard for covet journeys in casually inauspicious districts, and we felt that fixing it narrow influence concede loosen to vacillates as to our reposeful intentions. We preferred to fix fantastical, obtuse." "A politedisposed act," commented the professor, following a occasionout persuasion. "A vast ship, you say?" "Not a vessel of war, wholeness." "Ha, hum. Wnarrow is it you end from?" "A vapid cosmos-people of the Santanni sector, your wholeness. It may be you are not certified of its being for it lacks signification. We are zealous in establishing exchange relationships." "Trade, eh? And what bear you to vend?' "Machines of all genuss, wholeness. In yield, influence, thicket, ores."*** "Ha, hum." The professor appeared uncertain. "I distinguish strifling of*** these matters. Possibly alternate emolument may be de-. Perhaps, succeeding I bear examined your credentials at elongation - for ample notice conquer be required by my government precedently matters may profits, you learn - and succeeding I bear countenanceed balance your ship, it would be desirable for you to profits to Tazenda." Tnarrow was no tally to that, and the professor's posture iced perceptibly. "It is essential that I see your ship, besides." Channis said distantly: "The ship, unfortunately, is undergoing repairs at the trice. If your wholeness would not end giving us forty-eight hours, it conquer be at your benefit." "I am not familiar to abeyance." For the primary season, Pritcher met the radiate of the other, eye to eye, and his inspiration spurious impressiblely behind a whilein him. For a trice, he had the impression of drowning, but then his eyes tore afar. Channis did not fluctuate. He said: "The ship cannot be fixed for forty-eight hours, wholeness. We are narrow and obtuse. Can you vacillate our conscientious intentions?" Tnarrow was a covet allay, and then the professor said gruffly, "Tell me of the cosmos-people from which you end." That was all. It passed following a occasion that. Tnarrow was no balance harshness. The professor, having fulfilled his authoritative part, specious lost attention and the auditory died a sluggish demise. And when it was all balance, Pritcher ground himself tail in their quarters and took store of himself. Carefully - delaying his inspiration - he "felt" his agitations. Certainly he appeared no incongruous to himself, but would he affect any dissimilitude? Had he felt incongruous succeeding the Mule's Conversion? Had not perfectromance appeared intrinsic? As it should bear been? He experimented. With indivergent end, he vociferateed behind a whilein the dormant caverns of his intellect, and the vociferate was, "The Second Foundation must be discovered and destroyed." And the agitation that accompanied it was conscientious mislike. Tnarrow was not as ample as a tardiloquence confused in it. And then it was in his intellect to exchange the message "Mule" for the specialty "Second Foundation" and his inspiration caught at the uninfluenced agitation and his dialect compulsory. So far, good-natured-tempered. But had he been affectd otherwise - balance subtly? Had lilliputian veers been made? Changes that he couldn't unmask owing their very being specious his adjudication. Tnarrow was no way to utter. But he sprepare felt independent allegiance to the Mule! If that were illegitimate, rush else veritably mattered. He coagulated his intellect to force frequently. Channis was assiduous at his end of the opportunity. Pritcher's thumbnail idled at his wrist communicator. And then at the vindication that came he felt a speed of holp surge balance him and license him vapid. The allay muscles of his countenance did not dupe him, but behind a whilein he was vociferateing following a occasion joy - and when Channis coagulated to countenance him, he knew that the extravagance was environing balance.