Need help with a research essay in Macroeconomics – see attached file. Only accept if you now MLA format please!

Briefly depict the criteria used to depict countries as recent economies, developing economies, and lowest familiar? The authoritative sites of the forthcoming organizations are useful: UN, IMF, CIA, OECD, WTO, The Heritage Foundation Provide one development of a empire inferior each sort. Select ONE empire (other than USA) from the three countries you schedule over and propel out drastic elaboration of its management. Minimum areas to sift-canvass includes:  the GDP, GDP by Sector, GDP per capita, holding by sector, main industries, unemployment, drudge vehemence by age, command, literacy rates, personality confluence, true resources, technology, inflation, middle proceeds, sources of proceeds, percentage beneath the destitution continuity, governmental texture and coin order, employment, alien plain investment, common default, modify rates, infrastructure, technology, war, genocide, complaint, geography and weather, trends and their eight for the forthcoming.  Compare these findings to the United States management. Include a disjoined Bibliography Additional axioms tables/graphs can be strong as disjoined documents Format using MLA Style.