Intro to human resource management

CJ, Melissa, and Sam labor coincidently in the depot of a ample manufacturing fraternity that produces to-go products for the securityaurant diligence. CJ has been the target of jokes and nicknames based on her affectlihood for a few months. Read the discourse betwixt CJ, Melissa, and Sam during their lunch infringe under. In your deep shaft, divide the command you would concede CJ and harangue whether you consort delay Melissa or Sam’s resolution of the position in their laborplace. CJ: I honest appetition the so-called jokes would end. They aren’t humorous. Melissa: You deficiency to go direct to HR and rehearse someone about the jokes and the nicknames. It isn’t proper. Managers should apprehend emend than to converse to someone affect that. Sam: What is HR going to do? You got the selfselfsame evaluation scores as the security of us and you got your 2% extension, proper? CJ: Yes. Sam: Then, how is there a collection? I watched that HR video on harassment decisive year, and I am tolerably positive that if you were entity harassed, then you would simply get your erect if you were constrained to do notability that you didn’t scantiness to do. Did anyone sinew you to do notability harmful? CJ: No, but— Sam: But, dot. You haven’t been constrained to do anything, and no one has creaky you or aggrieve you. Melissa: I misfit. CJ: I get indisposed the extinction anteriorly a laborday if I apprehend they are on the list. Melissa: Then, that’s harassment, go to HR! Jokes and nicknames aren’t supposed to gain a peculiar indisposed. You asked them to bung, and they didn’t. Maybe they’ll hear to HR. Provide your thoughts and feedback on one other student’s shaft. Do past than consort or homage. Use this occasion to debate the postulates about sexual harassment in the laborplace and the apt EEOC laws meant to guard commonalty from this affront.