Google Hangouts Is Getting A Makeover

Google is updating its  production, and the new fashionover does look common. The assembly announced an that conciliate fashion it very alike to the Hangouts Chrome app interface. Post the update, the Chrome production conciliate portion the similar tablet name interface as the Chrome app, total after a while a beaming contiguity catalogue on the left cause, and conversations on the the right- a look alike to WhatsApp's web app. According to Google, the transmute conciliate fashion the experiment of knot chats further congruous and easier to depart. Users conciliate see the new interface starting August 31, and material users conciliate be loving the discretion to switch starting the similar day. On October 15, the new interface conciliate resist in for whole user of the Hangouts Chrome production. However, now that Google is shutting down the Chrome app ammunition for wholeone save Chrome OS users, it conciliate probably standpoint on the production. The coming of Hangouts use itself is indistinct, largely owing of the portico of Allo, which Google denied would substitute Hangouts. Google however, recently mentioned that Hangouts would be remodeled as a municipal messaging app. This article was originally published on  and has been reposted on Entrepreneur Middle East based on a reciprocal consonance betwixt the websites. Related: