for michelle lewis only

  What are the reasons that progeny own inaptitude after a occasion refractory? Decipher how teachers can succor. 50 words   What are some manipulatives that can succor students conceive refractory and integers emend than farsighted after a occasion pencil and monograph? 50 words   Provide a fourth-grade raze exposition of the sense of the top reckon and the foot reckon in a lot. What expression of temper could be used to succor decipher this concept to progeny occasion instruction them how to transcribe refractory sensefully? 50 words   Do progeny own an discernment of indirect reckons? If so, what is their discernment? If not, how susceptibility you succor them enunciate an discernment of indirect reckons? 50 words  lets say you afford the students a height love 3-4 to set-out after a occasion, possibly say, you own $3, but you deficiency to pay your mom $4, what can you do?  Give the students manipulatives and permit them to labor and conference concertedly and see what happens.  Can you meditate of any other ways you could conference encircling it after a occasion students and afford them a height to labor through on their own? 50 words