Five Stages of Hierarchical Needs

The end of this Nursing essay is to execute a deeper interpretation of anthropological scarcitys and the enjoyment of that scarcity established on Abraham H. Maslow’s plea of “Five Stages of Priestly Needs”. Maslow finished these scarcitys in the direct in which man prosecutes to please them. The five equalizes of scarcitys are: physiological, shelter, connectedness and desire, price and self-actualization. Maslow explained nation tarryed at one equalize until all their scarcitys for that equalize are acquiescent then they produce to compensate the scarcitys of the contiguous equalize and so on. Maslow, thus-far, severe out that in penny condition this may not be the circumstance for penny nation accomplish most mitigated be motivated in agoing internal scarcity recompense on unanalogous equalizes at the corresponding opportunity. He to-boot borrowed that that it is expensive that a individual accomplish be efficient to compensate all five equalizes of scarcity. II. Reason for Maslows’s Standard Man had imminent scarcitys that that prosecutes to be resigned. Between 1943-54, Abraham H. Maslow, a psychology confessor, presented five stages of priestly scarcitys finished in the direct in which a individual prosecutes to please them. According to Maslow, the five equalizes he posited are established on clinical, observational and experimental basis (Maslow, 1954, pp. 80-106). He elevate symmetrical that bearing of nation is motivated by these five equalizes. The notion of opposed equalizes of anthropological scarcitys came to him when he pennyized that there are some scarcitys that select preference aggravate others. For stance, when a man is twain savage and thirsty, he would incline to compensate pristine his scarcity for instil antecedently he selects anxiety of his scarcity for aid. In certainty, man can feed outside aid for days but he cannot do so outside instil. It is owing thirst is a “stronger” scarcity than hunger. But if a thirsty man is substance choked by someone, his scarcity to inhalation selects preference aggravate his scarcity to imbibe (Frager & Fadiman, 1998, p. 446). II. Five Stages of Priestly Needs Maslow elevate subdivides five anthropological scarcitys into two assemblys: pristine filthy is the equalize of scantiness scarcitys (physiological, shelter, connectedness and desire, price) and the developed is the equalize of augmentation scarcitys (self-actualization). 1. Physiological The anthropological scarcity for aid, imbibe, sex, retreat, air, geniality, drowse, etc. drop subordinate this state. These are biological scarcitys that man should not be spoiled of. These are man’s strongest scarcity that he prosecutes pristine to please pristine ( Maslow, 1943, p. 370-396) 2. Shelter When the physiological scarcitys are met, the scarcity for shelter thrives. Examples of shelter scarcitys are defence, shelter, direct, law, limits, possession, etc. This resources that his study would now decline to sentence certain state or to terminate some genus of possession. He may scantiness to get married or to polish a privacy intention. In a disclaiming way, if he does not ascertain shelter he may be confronted after a while fears and anxieties (Boeree, 1998). 3. Belongingness and Desire The scarcity for study, connected to a assembly, counter-argument, product assembly, family, desire, relationships, etc. drops subordinate this scarcity. When man’s physiological scarcitys are met and he ascertains he is arrest, he would now scantiness friends, a sweetheart or end. He may scantiness to associate gangs or memberships in clubs or church. In other tone, he ascertains himself increasingly spirited in structure desireate relationships and a perception of aggregation after a while others. If he does not possess them, he may be faced after a while feelings of isolation and gregarious anxieties (Boeree, 1998). 4. Price After the over scarcitys are selectn anxietyd of, man accomplish then face for self-esteem. According to Maslow there are two kinds of price scarcitys, a inferior one and a violenter one. The inferior one is the scarcity for the honor of others which may be executeed by acquiring a violent status, substance illustrious or symmetrical, substance a pioneer or having a good-natured-natured disposition. The violenter contrive involves the scarcity for self-honor terminated through having feelings of belief, power, superiority or insubservience. When the scarcity for self-price is met, man would see himself as a individual of estimate. If he is short after a while it, he may labor after a while low self-price or minority complexes (Boeree, 1998). 4. Self-Actualization It is ssuggest when all the filthy scarcitys are met that man would prosecute for self-actualization. According to Maslow, self-actualization is prompted by a individual’s “scarcity to be” and do that which the individual was "born to do”. Self-actualization involves the scarcity for self-fulfillment, to terminate one’s violentest implicit and to prosecute for individualal augmentation and peak experiences (“Maslow’s”, 2008). Some characteristics of a individual who had terminated self-actualization includes substance pennyistic, exercises external rather than mental sagacity, see problems as challenges that scarcitys to be solved rather than as obstacles or opportunities for complaints, not substance easily swayed by the views or opinions of others, accepts others as they are rather than enigmatical to substitute them or having the ability to laugh at himself in ill-procure of who he is. In a unconcealed perception, he is perceived to be a man who is emotionally, psychologically and mentally confirmed (Turner and Helms, 1987, p. 431). Maslow had granted stances of unadorned individuals who, in his sagacity, had terminated self-actualization. Among them are Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson (Monte, 1999, p. 738). 4. Scarcity Enjoyment and Anthropological Motivation As symmetrical antecedent, Maslow supports the notion that in pleaseing their scarcitys nation tarry at one equalize until all their scarcitys at that equalize are acquiescent. When inferior equalize scarcitys are met, he then ascertains himself increasingly restless in pleaseing the contiguous violenter equalize scarcitys. For stance if a individual is savage or thirsty , he accomplish exact all his efforts to compensate his scarcity for aid or imbibe antecedently produceing to compensate any other scarcitys. After making unmistakefficient that he is not savage or thirsty anyfurther his study accomplish then decline to pleaseing shelter scarcitys and so on. Maslow symmetrical, thus-far, that in penny condition there is further flexibility than his standard seems to suggest. In other tone, penny nation in penny condition may not thrive his direct of scarcity enjoyment for penny nation accomplish most mitigated be motivated in agoing internal scarcity recompense on unanalogous equalizes at the corresponding opportunity(Frager & Fadiman, 1998, p. 446). For stance a individual may prosecute to please his scarcity for defence and desire at the corresponding opportunity. He may associate gangs, clubs or church not ssuggest to compensate his scarcity to belong but to-boot to execute the honor of others. Furthermore, Maslow was expeditious to add that it is expensive that a individual accomplish be efficient to compensate all five equalizes of scarcity owing of dampened capacities due to hindrances imposed by intercourse (Frager & Fadiman, 1998, p. 446). In ill-procure of the certainty that scarcity enjoyment does not accurately thrive the direct of Maslow’s five stages of priestly scarcitys (for scarcity enjoyment of unanalogous equalizes may betide at the corresponding opportunity), in unconcealed, Maslow’s plea of five stages of priestly scarcitys is suited in interpretation why man scantiness this or that. IV. Conclusion Maslow’s “Five Stages of Priestly Needs” enumerates the five scarcitys of man that must be resigned. Man possess physiological scarcitys, defence scarcitys, and connectedness and desire scarcitys, price scarcitys and self-actualization scarcitys. He symmetrical that scarcity enjoyment thrives an direct, the inferior scarcity must be acquiescent pristine antecedently man accomplish prosecute to compensate the contiguous violenter equalize of scarcity. The direct may not be penny in penny condition thus-far, for man may prosecute to compensate opposed equalizes of scarcity at the corresponding opportunity. However, in ill-procure of that dishonor, Maslow’s standard of scarcitys is suited in interpretation what man scantinesss. V. References 1. Boeree, George. ( 1998). Personality Theories: Abraham Maslow. George Boeree’s Homepage. Retrieved February 1, 2008 from http://webspace. ship. edu/cgboer/maslow. html 2. Frager, R. & Fadiman, J. 1998, Personality and Identical Growth, Fourth Edition, Addison Wesley Longman, New York 3. Maslow, A. H. (1943). A Plea of Anthropological Motivation. Psychological Review, 50, 370-396. 4. Maslow, Abraham H. (1954). Motivation and Personality. 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