Company research , need that in 4 hours

Company imbibeing is life-containing to conception the dynamics of each matter. Researching mistresss is one of the best ways to beseem a top applicant during the hiring way. By investigating immanent mistresss, you'll find details environing the mistress that conciliate meliorate just you for any colloquy. Aggregation imbibeing is the best way to imbibe environing what the aggregation does and what they behold for in a applicant. For this assignment, I demand the aftercited components completed on 10 companies that you saw during the STEM Job Reasonable and/or the visitor speakers who conciliate be sundericipating after a while us in the ITEC 301 classroom.  (NOTE:  If demanded... you can too use other favoring companies that are not sunder of the job reasonable or visitor speakers schedule if you enjoy other beyond interests) COMPONENTS FOR ASSIGNMENT: 1. Key Players of the Organization (President, CEO, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, etc.) 2. Aggregation Mission, Values, and Culture 3. Location of Headquarters and other principal offices 4. Products and Services Offered 5. Recent News and Updates (Information in Press Releases and Special Events) 6. Skills and Experiences Recommended for Qualified Candidates (Career Page on Aggregation Website) 7.  Inside Scoop (Comparable salaries, job functions and duties, hiring way, etc.) 8.  Other Information (Glass Door Web Site) Examples of Companies Include: Hand Shake include: BMW Manufacturing Co. Blue Cross / Blue Shield Capgemini Fluor Corporation ScanSource Milliken and Company Mindtree Sealed Air Classroom speakers include: SCANA Boeing Hendrick Automotive Layer 3 Communications Michelin IBM FBI NCR VC3