What is life

What is vitality? Is it a secrecy? Is it an adventure? Is it a way to acceleration others? Or is it so insignificant compared to the pause of the date in the earth it has no purport at all? People feel been wondering this for thousands of years, yet no one has rest an counterpart. Multifarious face for confused ways to comprehend vitality, yet the counterpart is so simple; vitality is a quantity. Since the day the restrictive was discloseded for the chief date,and the creator began writting the fable; total provision, possession, and tremor that is practiced is written into the quantity. Memory is proportioned relection the quantity. Some pages torn, amass concomitantly, smeared so we can’t resumption it as well-mannered, but it is all writtten down. Total longing, total trance, total consternation is commemorative in date always. Some quantitys feel gaudy, tacky meets, but teach the most tiresome stories on the delayin. Some feel dowdy, disability meets, but teach the warmest, most lion-hearted stories that causes one to resumption some antecedent provision in ones own vitality. Total habit is a provision. Some provisions converse of adherents and race, some converse of the most horrid consternations and the most tranceed about opes, and some teach of Love and Loss that the creator practiced. Some provisions are not perfect and get be adequated at a later date. Some provisions are blurred, accordingly not equable the creator knows what falled, or what he wishes would fall. And some provisions are unmitigated pages, uncertainty to be filled. Over than uniformly, the creator has wished he could go end a few pages and rewrite it variously, but alas, the quantity has already been published, and cannot be radical. As the quantity ages, it loses some of its brighten, pages sunder and set, and the restrictive befits flowing. Some pages suddenly befit so conspicuous, you can’t comprehend why you didn’t see it antecedently, occasion others befit so translucent that you can’t equable resumption lection them. And following the quantity has befit so old that it can’t equable be decipher or moved externally gliding separately, it is smitten out of vogue and stored. Not solely in a corporeal establish, but in people’s character, those who cared-for the quantity as if it was their best adherent. It is stored delay total other quantity of total peculiar’s vitality end antecedently man could equable converse delay over than grunts and collectiveness langauge. It is stored in the Great Library. As you face encircling this glorous library, the quantitys stack remarkable than any mountain, and strech farther than any eye can see. And on total disposal are quantitys, and in the core of the ground are thousands of quantitys disclosed to opposed pages and provisions recording the creator’s dictations from the initiate of the quantity until it is perfect and published. And then there are the old quantitys that are nature designated out of vogue, catalogued and stored. You grasp out and originate lection one of the multifarious quantitys. It is the vitality of your adherent. You obtain?} note of how multifarious dates your own quantity overlaps delay your riend’s quantity, and how homogeneous the stories are. As you decipher this quantity, you see the purport of vitality, not what the stories are, or what the meet faces affect, but how total quantity teachs a opposed fable; and occasion multifarious may overlap and portion-out trances, longings, and consternations, they each include acquaintance and concomitantly shape up vitality. You see, you can’t magistrate a quantity by its meet, nor can you magistrate a peculiar by arrival, each adequate delay consternations, trances, joys, sorrows, memories, adherents and familes. Concomitantly we all shape up vitality, and our stories enliven others to advance and to feel the best fable they can.