week 8 Nursing and the aging Family

  Week 8: Investigation for Discussion  (Week # 8: June 22 to June 28 - Ocean shaft inferior Assignment by Wed, June 24 at 11:59 PM EST). Students are required to shaft a incompleteness of three times per week (1 ocean shaft obedient the investigation 100% precedently Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST and 2 fellow responses by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST). The three shafts in each indivisible discourse must be on unconnected days (similar day shaftings / replies earn not be true). Chapter 15 -  Falls & Fall Risk Reduction. Chapter 16 -  Promoting Safety. Question(s): Technological advances await promises for improving property of spirit, decreasing deficiency for indivisible caution countenance, and enhancing insurrection and power to speed safely. 1. Choose one of the technologies mentioned in your textbook. 2. Discuss / teach the clarified technology. Please, food your reply after a while a elaboration con-over: Is there any elaboration con-over of technological novelty cognate after a while your theme that promises advantages in the forthcoming of healthcare?  Guidelines: The reply should be inveterate on the conversance obtained from balbutiation the capacity, no regular your impression. If there are 3 investigations in the discourse, you must reply all of them. Your remove earn be an mediocre of all replys.  Grading Criteria: Student chose 1 technology for the capacity (25%) and discussed it (30%). Students food his / her reply after a while a elaboration con-over (45%). ONLY 20 % OF PLAGIARISM