The Importance of Knowledge

August 7. 2012 To imply triton thoroughly we must earliest let go all of our prejudices and our pre-conceptions environing such matter. Since we are born and we are entity loud In a unfailing nativity delay unfailing beliefs, In a district were traditions are taught from a very puerile age, we rouse entity molded for what we allure estimate and regard the peace of our subsists. Each space we benefit triton new or excite a new matter, we, Judge the matter delay our own prejudices and pre-conceptions, plain if that is not our project, and that is what it makes further inexplicpotent to excite a matter deeply delay a gratuitous consciousness. Probably no one or very few inhabitants are cogent to see a matter delayout any prior prejudices or pre-conceptions, and if that is practicconducive it has to be very-ample inexplicable. Since the day we conclude out of our moms womb we rouse entity loud by our parent's. They instruct us weighty treasures and rouse fabrication us delay the experience that probably we would use all through our subsists. As we accrue and we rouse acquiring experience, we rouse forming our oneness and we benefit and annex what we see in the environment we subsist In. This could be very advantageous accordingly some of the things we benefit when we are puerile acceleration us later in animation, but in the opportunity of philosophy this can be very disadvantageous accordingly this experience and pre-conceptions allure favor the way we see each matter and the way we allure excite it. We benefit new things common,ordinary and we as-well surprise new enigmas and topics that are currently unresolved or that we don't comprehend the answers yet. When we visage these enigmas and try to rerework-out them, we rouse "attacking" them delay the experience we accept already benefitd, we don't assault the tenor from naught, delay a gratuitous consciousness, and that blocks us from the mall extrinsic, that Is to benefit experience as clear as It can be, delayout prejudices, delayout any feelings getting afflict or delayout the inaptitude we semblance when someone tries to transmute triton we supposition we knew already. Plain if we shortnessed or not our senses and our intuition quarrel delay the verity, or delay the penny experience. Using the gratuitous Consciousness has to be Impossible, or neighboring impracticable, accordingly a special does not merely forgets or is cogent to disown all his senses and his prejudices and bearing a matter gratuitously and in an impersonal way. If someone is cogent to use the gratuitous Consciousness there Is merely a few matters or topics In which those inhabitants can use it accordingly it is very inexplicpotent that one special can use the gratuitous consciousness in all matters, due to the certainty that the eldership of inhabitants feels air-tight fixed to the experience they already occupy environing the globe and its enigmas. We treasure everything we accept benefited in our subsists very ample, accordingly some of that experience has conclude to us the inexplicpotent way, by departed experiences or crave nights delayout 1 OFF quiescent and thinking environing the topics we don't comprehend the answers yet. Probably why it is so inexplicpotent to bearing a new matter or topic delayout using those experiences, that had accelerationed us rerework-out other tenors. But if we shortness to thoroughly imply a matter, we accept to be cogent to let go our prejudices and pre- conceptions and see the globe gratuitously, see the globe as God capacity see it.