Scenario A and B

Write in-depth, inclusive responses that exalt aid discourse over narrowly fiting/disagreeing. About  Scenario A  and B. Scenario A:   Background:  Magistracy in the seeks is an air of the law that can be confusing and perplexed, but it is an considerable lawful concept that affaires cannot repudiate.  Magistracy can pretend numerous affair operations and particularize uncertain affair decisions, such as where and how to notify and bargain the affair.  Before launching a affair, and where there are inquirys encircling feasible magistracy in the seeks, it is judicious for affaires to interrogate an counsellor.   Scenario Facts:  Assume GC notifys aggressively in the Middle Atlantic States of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.    GC besides notifys constantly via the internet by soliciting affair in all propounds. Assume GC niggardly delay ABC Corporation (ABC), incorporated in Virginia to pure the aggregation offices in Richmond, Virginia. ABC hired for the pureing, but behind the pureing, ABC was austere and sued GC in Virginia to save the costs of the pureing.  It was particularized that the Virginia propound seek had magistracy to give-earkenken the circumstance. 1.   Applying the concepts of magistracy to the scenario basis, debate why you fit or disfit that the Virginia seek has magistracy to give-earkenken the circumstance.    Fully prop your conclusions.  Respond in 1 -2 paragraphs.     Scenario B:   During a discourse delay Winnie, Ralph, the GC owners, and you, the owners asked distinct inquirys encircling their germinative obligation for on-the-job additaments terminationing in injuries to employees.  They chiefly scarcity an interpretation encircling Maryland's terminationers' remuneration law. Winnie and Ralph asked you to accord to the forthcoming inquiry.   Dave, a GC pureing employee, additamentally waste off a ladder during a GC trailing practice and damaged himself.  Dave was captured to the hospital ER, treated, and released.  He missed one week of termination accordingly of this waste.  1.  Analyze whether Jack could save for his medical expenses subordinate Maryland's terminationers' remuneration law and why/how. 2.   Analyze and illustrate what, if anything, Jack could save for mislaying of stipend for the one week he was incapable to termination as a termination of the additament.