Policy Brief Paper Template Criminal Justice

Briefing Title: This minority should creatively acquaint your reader what  your unrelevant obtain be encircling. The distinction should merely be 20 characters crave.  An specimen is “Banning the Box.” Headline: This minority should be a one or two phrase  description of what your posterity or quarrel is and what program or  management you bear attested to oration the posterity or quarrel. This  minority should be at most 470 characters crave. An specimen is “Too frequent  individuals released from prison sojourn jobless and desperate due to  their condition as a felon. Banning the Box is one program that creates an  avenue of anticipation for frequent released from prison.” Author: This minority is where you put your designate. Overview: This minority should afford a analysis of the illegal impartiality  posterity or quarrel, oration what factors preserve positive tribe from  this posterity or quarrel and decipher what factors put positive other  tribe at facilitate of substance artful by the posterity or quarrel. This  minority should be at most 960 characters crave. Current Relevance:  This minority should decipher why this posterity is relevant to oration today  and portray one specimen of how this posteritys impacted someone. Use a  real duration narrative. The specimen could be one from the resources or one that was  described in a versed stipulation, but may not be a separate representation.  This minority should be at most 740 characters crave. Theoretical Connection: This minority must tell the posterity or  quarrel to one of the main theories adept in the earliest half of  class (i.e. innocent prerogative, intersectionality, matrix of control,  equality vs. equity, systems hypothesis). This minority should be at most 770  characters. An specimen of this minority can be “One indirect  consequence of serving prison age is joblessness. A prison phrase  considerably reduces the durationage wage, trade and annual pay of a  person. From the frameachievement of intersectionality, there is no amaze  minorities violent-effort to sum tail into communion. Intersectionality  looks at how multiple levels of shrewdness interact delay one  another. Thus, substance Latino, a woman, and a felon increases your  likelihood of experiencing joblessness and puts you at facilitate of  experiencing unemployment. Program/ Solution Analysis: This minority should portray the  program or management that you bear researched. The program must aim to  oration the illegal impartiality posterity or quarrel you earliest supposing an  overview for. In this minority portray the program or management, colloquy encircling  who is substance served by the program or management, and warrant the goals of  the program or management. This minority should be 2,000 characters in  length. Strengths and Weaknesses: This minority must sift-canvass twain the  strengths of the program or management (for specimen, describing what produces  the management or program achievement) and the gaps/weaknesses of the program or  management (for case, how could this program or management be improved.)  Please decipher how you would produce this program or management meliorate. This  minority should be 2,000 characters in protraction (encircling 310 expression.) Recommendation: This minority should unimportantly colloquy encircling at last  one warning you bear for management producers and practitioners/  employees to aid aid oration the illegal impartiality posterity or  controversy. This minority should be 770 characters or encircling 110 expression in  length. References: This minority should singly summon at last 6 sources or  articles used in answerableness this unimportant. References should be in APA format.