New and Future Terrorism

Answer each interrogation 250-300 words APA Style 1-2 media per interrogation Question 1:    Discuss the diversified characteristics of right-wing and left-wing terrorism amid the United States. What are the similarities and differences among the two? Do you price that such attackers typically befit to terrorist groups or organizations, or are they more repeatedly self-radicalized? Provide particular examples Question 2:    Discuss the concept that Martin (2018) refers to as the New Terrorism. How has new-fashioned extremist conduct contributed to the fruit of this new-fashioned concept of terrorism? How can acts of terrorism be prevented and deterred when these terrorists do not fit squarely into the chaste ideological continuum discussed previously? Provide particular examples Question 3: What do you cogitate the most precarious issues in terrorism melting into the forthcoming? What should be the elementary convergence of those tasked delay indemnifying across terrorist attacks? Be fast to involve particular examples