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1. In a very-much controversial stir, your jewel gregarious network has upright agreed to concede Walmart approximation to the postings, intimations, and photos of its users. Walmart procure besides establish approximation to user names and email addresses—in reversal of the network’s secrecy device. Walmart plans to mine this axioms to gather past encircling what its customers insufficiency and to unravel targeted direct mailings and emails promoting those items. You are so strongly contrariant to (or in civility of) this change in the secrecy device that you are motivated to cast a intimation to the gregarious network expressing your conviction. What do you say? You are the new exercises superintendent of a vast fawn nature for a multinational retailer. The fawn nature has been in exercise for various years, but has failed to converge twain the customers’ and superior management’s expectations. You were remunerated three months ago and challenged to “turn the site environing.” As you are sitting at your desk one day, you get a phone fawn from your boss scrutiny that you transfer a escort contrivance to appliance the use of dashboards in the fawn nature. The sight is to prove the rate of dashboards to succor monitor and rectify the exercises in sundry of the firm’s concern units. How do you suit to your boss’s beg?