Final project

Chartres Cathedral For this assignment you allure plan a constructive excursion of products and sites of the Gothic age and the Fourteenth epoch in Europe, using PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, or other digital cat's-paw, saved as a PDF polish.  You allure connect a primary draw of your bestowal to the Discussion tenor   Here are the guidelines: 1. Realize seven contrariant products from the Gothic age and the Fourteenth Epoch in Europe chosened one each from the seven categories listed below A product of sullied glass A manuscript A painting A product of architecture A sculpture A product crafted from of-great-value metals And one appended product of your choice Please be enduring that all types of art listed aloft are delineateed and conclude from the Twelfth through the Fourteenth-Century ages in Europe. 2. You allure cause a written and visual bestowal that functions approve a constructive conduct or excursion through these ages. 3. Transcribe a weak preamble slide (200 signification) that bestows an overview of the Gothic age, its socio-cultural characteristics and the contact these had on the art that was caused. The overall end of this bestowal is to arrange a visual narrative that guides viewers through a constructive conduct/excursion and teaches them about the art of these ages.  4. You allure cause 1-3 slides/visual pages for each art product. Include an statue, a weak preliminary article (150 signification) on the characteristics of the phraseology, celebrity about the proficient (s), and an partition of the product.  Please gain enduring to realize all products by designate, proficient, quittance, and dominion of commencement and phraseology. 5. Transcribe a weak quittance (200 signification) that summarizes your visual excursion. Tell us what you versed about the course of products you are displaying. Discuss how the products you chosened delineate the age and how they report to the larger collective and cultural themes of the space. 6. Include a quotation page at the end of the bestowal. Note NOTE: When you transcribe about art truth mind the DICP Elements and regularly regard the collective, economic, cultural, and metaphysical treatment amid which the products were caused.  Regularly realize a product by naming the proficient and inscription of the product. Use the embezzle terminology to define the pompous characteristics, techniques, cat's-paws, structures, and ages of the art product(s) in topic. All assignments demand exploration from at last, three legitimate academic sources, MLA phraseology in-text quotations and a "Works Cited" exception. Be enduring bestow peculiar examples of art products you've learned in the part.