You lawful established instituted as a Heartiness Utility Manager among one of the aftercited heartiness attention entities  First, (A) select a heartiness being adown to examine the questions that follow: Ambulatory Surgery center Pharmacy Physician’s Office Cosmetic Surgery Center Laser Eye Center Dental Office (B) Your boss has asked you to transcribe a calling memo  (not lawful a trutination essay), addressed to your boss (presume that's your Professor) detailing how the ask-for for your effects or utilitys is contacted by manifold economic factors.  In match your calling memo, use the periodical calling memo format (delay the general To, From, Date, Question entries) be abiding to comprise your spectry, and test the heartiness attention being you chose over, in the question row. In tabulateify for your boss to abundantly revisal your memo, content comprise minority headers to agree to the questions adown. Answer the aftercited questions hanging largely on the way readings and other means embodied presented in this tabulate (do not use or quote any other sources). Describe a effect or utility your assembly provides to your patients Evaluate the ask-for deflexion for your effect and the similarity between the worth of your utility/effect and the meaabiding ask-fored. In this evaluation, be abiding to test: whether ask-for is easily-affected (e.g. alterable) or near easily-affected (e.g. obstinate) to changes in the worth. evaluate why this alterableity of ask-for similarity command befall. comprise a examineion of how the being of heartiness prophylactic would contact the alterableity of ask-for. Define “substitute” consequence and test implicit substitutes for your effect/service. Evaluate how the being of such substitutes may contact the ask-for for your effect/service. Define “complement” consequence and test implicit supplys for your effect/service. Evaluate how does the being of such supply consequence may contact the ask-for for your effect/service. Identify and examine at lowest two economic factors that command carry to a displace in the ask-for deflexion for your effect/service? Apply the APA name format as you erudite in HMGT 300. The assignment rubrics are the selfselfsame as those used for Assignment 1.