Discussion due in 12 hours 250 words

Nationalism (2 of 3) Miracle Race Rocky IV Week 8 - Nationalism Discussion Topic As precedently, this week you criticism 2 or further movies.   If you wrote your feedback Nursing Dissertation encircling twain, fascinate deem debateing some aspects of twain movies less.  If you openly merely wrote encircling one of the films in your feedback Nursing Dissertation, fascinate debate the other one less (or twain).  Put address of criticismed movie in your debateion address. 1) How are joke films that sign living-souls or teams illustrateing a people unifying?  In what ways could the film you viewed be unifying?  Would the film be as interesting to you if the living-souls illustrateed a divergent kingdom?  Along delay this, what strange joke films debateed by Crosson (2013) in the National Identity stipulation appealed to you, if any? 2) How are the "teams" congruous and divergent (this includes the influence team about Rocky and other team mates about Jesse Owens, and the US Hockey team, in open)?  In what way do these  team mates illustrate the United States, twain positively and negatively?