CT 2 Mod 5 501

Locate a healthcare law issued by the Ministry of Health or another governmental performance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Create a PowerPoint endowment describing the law as a healthcare official to your staff.  Be enduring to include:  ● Internal policies that are required due to this law,  ● The underlying meaning of the law, and  ● An assessment of the concern of docility delay this principle for healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia.  Your endowment should unite the forthcoming structural requirements:  ● Be 7-8 slides in extension, not including the conceal or intimation slides.  ● Be formatted according t APA writing guidelines.  ● Get subsistence for your statements delay passages from a stint of six skilled tenets. Two of these sources may be from the adjust readings, textbook, or lectures, but lewd must be superficial.  ● Endowment notes are required for each slide to subsistence the slide gratified.  Each slide must get specific speakers notes—a stint of 100 utterance. Notes must haul from and refer-to appropriate intimation materials.  ● Utilize headings to shape the gratified in your performance.  ● Introduction  ● Internal Policies  ● Underlying Purpose  ● The Concern of Compliance  ● Conclusion   ● References  Add some refer-tod images through the slides Add past passage through the text  All the intimations used for the images , should be pretended to the intimations slide at the end. Zero plagiarism