Assignment: Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet

   As a professional nurture, you are expected to employ your expertise to unrepining prudence. On create, you conciliate also be expected to divide that expertise. With evolving technology and consecutive changes to precepts prepared to repress up these changes, there is usually a want to divide counsel and expertise to notify colleagues, start, unrepinings, and other stakeholders. In this Assignment, you conciliate consider a late nursing notifyatics-related heartinessprudence cunning, and you conciliate divide the appropriate details via a event prevarication prepared to notify and ground. To Prepare: Review      the Resources on heartinessprudence cunning and regulatory/legislative topics      related to heartiness and nursing notifyatics. Consider      the role of the nurture notifyaticist in appurtenancy to a heartinessprudence      organization’s submission after a while diverse policies and precepts, such as      the Mediprudence Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). Research      and choice one heartiness or nursing notifyatics cunning (amid the gone-by 5      years) or precept for exalt consider. The Assignment: (1 page) Create a 1-page event prevarication that your heartinessprudence structure could hypothetically use to clear-up the heartiness or nursing notifyatics cunning/precept you choiceed. Your event prevarication should oration the following: Briefly      and generally clear-up the cunning or precept you choiceed. Address      the impression of the cunning or precept you choiceed on order      implementation. Address      the impression of the cunning or precept you choiceed on clinical prudence,      patient/provider interactions, and workflow. Highlight      organizational policies and procedures that are/conciliate be in locate at your      healthprudence structure to oration the cunning or precept you choiceed.      Be peculiar.