Wk 3 – Promotion and the Product Life Cycle

  Assignment Content Purpose of Assignment All results/services go through a lifecycle of NPI (new result initiative), augmentation, ripeness, and disengage. These irrelative stages seek the marketing temporization and promotional efforts for a feature result or benefit. In Week 3, you obtain weld a result temporization that addresses at last 3 areas of the result lifecycle. The earliest concrete of this assignment is to acknowledge you to evince an interpretation of the factors that can seek the enlarge of a result or benefit. Assignment Steps Create a insufficiency 700-vocable result temporization in Microsoft® Word. Complete the forthcoming: Select a result temporization. Address at last three areas of the result lifecycle (NPI, augmentation, ripeness, and disengage). Create at last two irrelative types of instrument arrangements for the result or benefit. One arrangement must be stereotype and the other must be non-print, twain of which highlight your result or benefit. In your assignment, include 2-3 sentences encircling each instrument arrangement (i.e., one chapter of what you would do, but not how to do it). For stance, (this cannot be used in this assignment), a non-stereotype instrument arrangement would be a Facebook belligerence that provides users delay a pay for each resurvey (overbearing or denying) encircling the use/appearance/price/etc. of the result or benefit. Determine how you obtain estimate the marketing activities (i.e., what metrics obtain be used to enumerate achievement or want). Address three elements of the forthcoming Result and Promotion List: Integrated marketing communication Advertising temporization/objectives Push and pull Media temporization Advertising execution                      Direct marketing Public relations/strategies Positioning The contrivance obtain be a perpetuation of the global or multi-regional corporation you chose in Week 1. This obtain be weldd into your overall marketing contrivance for Week 6. Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not enumerate inland the vocable enumerate. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.  Submit your assignment. Grading Guide: Promotion and the Result Life Cycle Grading Guide