statistics and probability quiz

  1.A discard at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland's Critter Country serves an mediocre of 43 customers per hour (believed to flourish a Poisson disposal). Always sensible of managing fence guests' protraction cord trial, the disney exercises scrutiny team wants to post a premonition pointed customers encircling the restaurant's competency. If the director wants to be 88 % unmistakable she doesn't underrate, what duration should she inventory? Duration per arrange = 2. An automated bottling channel satisfys 20oz bottles of cheer coke. The objective satisfy dimensions varies according to a conformable disposal among 19.03 oz and 19.41 oz. What is the presumption that a bottle clarified at accidental accomplish hold no past than 19.2 oz? Hint: Be very attentive when entering answers smaller than 0.0001. 3.On mediocre, Jimbo's Luxury Resort receives 21.3 retention oles integral hour (conducive to flourish a Poisson disposal). What is the presumption that no past than 39 oles are common in 2 hour(s)?Hint: Be very attentive when entering answers smaller than 0.0001. 4.Allen Allenby runs the hot dog acquiescence at the persomal eminent school's football games and is binding for prejudgeing the calculate of hot dogs they'll want on any ardent Friday night. Allen believes that hot dog require flourishs a usual disposal delay balance 315 and exemplar derangement 141.75. What is the presumption that on any Friday evening, require for hot dogs accomplish achieve 412 hot dogs? 5.A hot dog acquiescence at Safeco Field sells an mediocre of 47.33 hot dogs per hour (believed to flourish a Poisson Distribution). How numerous hot dogs should the vendor fund in arrange to be 91.5% unmistakable it has abundance hot dogs for 1.5 hour(s)? 6.Mike Mochado is the gathering barrista at John's Java & Jerk, a persomal cafe serving coffee, calm beverages, and patronage items delay a Carribbean flair. Mike's big matter at the avail is deciding how numerous pounds of coffee beans he'll want for the week. The guy from corporate told Mike to exhibit that coffee bean experience is usually select. On the basis of the cafe's leading 20 weeks of exercise, Mike has rooted that his mediocre weekly coffee bean experience is 221.25 pounds, delay a exemplar derangement of 108.41 pounds. How numerous pounds of coffee beans should Mike bear on index to be 98 % unmistakable that he'll bear abundance beans? 7.The ole character director at InsuranceCorp is binding for ensuring customer compensation. To this end, she of-late implemented a new rating program. At the disposal of each ole, the customer is transferred to an automated superintend disciple and asked to declare whether he was pleasant or dipleasant delay the ole. During the leading 41 days of the new program, the director rooted that 3 % of customers were not pleasant delay the results of their ole. If the director checks a accidental scantling of 41 oles, what is the presumption that 5 or fewer customers accomplish be displeasant delay the results of their ole? 8.A chance excellent established is evaluating the deed of a practicable eminent tech siege. Bill Buce, a main participator, has suggested using a rectilineal conformable disposal to copy net proceeds. Bill believes the net proceeds for year one accomplish disagree among -3.28 and -1.83 (in millions). What net proceeds should Bill prejudge if he wants to be 24% unmistakable net proceeds accomplish not achieve his prejudge? 9.On mediocre, a car come-tos at a persomal Starbucks expedite through integral 0.27 minutes. The way is believed to flourish a Poisson disposal. What is the presumption that precisely 122 cars come-to in 0.5 hour(s)? Hint: Be very attentive when entering answers smaller than 0.0001. 10.If the presumption of a deficient empty bulb is 0.01, to be 92.5 % impudent, up to how numerous deficient emptybulbs should you look-for in a scantling of 42 emptybulbs?