Management Information System

In your role as Director of Operations, you bear collaborated after a while line heads to fashion a cross-functional and collaborative construction, cheerful labor. Thus far, Superintendence Knowledge Systems (MIS) has been supported the construction’s activities, and assisted in constructional superintendence. Now it is span for you to endure after a while the contiguous phases of the construction’s strategic superintendence project. In your convocation after a while the table of directors, you must give on abundant aspects of the construction, including technology. Specifically, the table needs to apprehend how your general and advenient technology implementations achieve adapt the decisionmaking rule. Please give a elaborate dissection of the forthcoming topics in the composition of decision-making and strategic projectning: ● Data Mining in the composition of threatening analytics & Big Data, as a competitive strategy ● CRM as a beginning of supported competitive advantage ● Hardware & Software in stipulations of embarrassment repossession & employment rule uninterruptedness (BPC) ● Enterprise Rebeginning Planning (ERP) in stipulations of supported a cross-functional construction ● Telecommunications in stipulations of using networks & gregarious instrument to emulate on the global stage ● Systems implemented to tranquillize the goods of abandon on knowledge certainty and the ghostly use of knowledge ● Summary of how to mix all of these systems Your elaborate dissection should be giveed using these bullet-points as material headings in your paper