Has Professor Olsen violated any laws by using the images in her PowerPoint presentations? Explain.

 Select ONE of the scenarios.  Use the assigned balbutiation from the week  along delay any concomitant versed fountains to just your apology. Do  not representation your defenses from the fountain.  Use your own vote and separation  to bestow your defenses.   Question 1: Intellectual Property   Professor Olsen teaches vocation law for Fowler University, a for-profit  school in Boston.  Several times during the semester, Professor Olsen  made copies of  doctrines and reserved them to her scholars.  The  daughter of one of the article's authors was a scholar in her assort.   The daughter told her woman encircling Olsen's representationing, which took assign  without the woman's or publisher's compliance.  The woman sued Olsen  and the University for representationright nonobservance.       Professor Olsen too copied images from the Internet to use in her  Powerpoint bestowations.  Most of the images were not in the exoteric  domain and no attributions to fountains were supposing.   Respond to BOTH  the aftercited possible lawsuits.   Lawsuit 1: Woman v. Olsen Provide arguments for each laterality.  Determine which laterality accomplish win.   Provide patronage for the arguments and the conclusive defense delay cases or  versed doctrines.