Discuss the subjoined scenario: Staff members from the marketing section of your secure are doing a glorious job selling products to customers. Many of the customers are so mannerly that they are to-boot buying shares in the company’s fund, which instrument that they admit a delineation of the secure’s annual repute. Unfortunately, questions sometimes inaugurate that the marketing staff members are woefully not-alike at correspondent. Technical questions environing the secure’s financial mode and act are referred to the highest financial official, but the leader of marketing has asked you to transcribe a memo in which you teach the key elements in an annual repute so that marketing representatives are amend dexterous to accord to questions of a further general creation. For your primal post, transcribe a apparent, compendious memo (no further than 250 control) that describes the contents of an annual repute so marketing personnel can imply the basic requirements of an annual repute. Reference this week’s readings and Nursing Dissertation to succor shape and teach your thoughts. In specification, rejoinder the subjoined questions: Do you conceive all marketing staff members should be equipped to express delay the general environing the secure’s financial matters? What are some of the benefits of decorous employee financial literacy?