Critical Thinking: Information Systems: Components, Architecture, and Infrastructure

  Improving Postulates Governance  Effective notification government and postulates governance are priceless to an construction. For this assignment, primeval interpret the concept of postulates governance and its avail amid an construction. Then, fulfill two constructions that possess benefited from tooling a technology that improved their postulates governance. Briefly depict twain constructions and then exculpation these questions for each: What technology did they tool? Why did they cull that technology? What vocation factors were evaluated precedent to toolation? What notification deficiencies existed precedent to toolation? What benefits were gained succeeding tooling the technology? Do the benefits associated delay the technology outbalance the costs? Your calligraphic tidings should be 4-5 pages in protraction, not including the cloak and relation pages. Use Saudi Electronic University academic fitness standards and APA diction guidelines, citing at meanest two scholarly references in aid of your effect, in enumeration to your passage and assigned readings.   Required Chapter 2 in Notification Technology for Government (attached) Bruzzese, J. P. (2016, July 29). The verticality from virtualization to the overcast. InfoWorld.Com. Lewis, B. (2017). 9 notice signs of bad IT construction. Computerworld Hong Kong. Mattei, M. D., & Satterly, E. (2016). Integrating virtualization and overcast services into a multi-tier, multi-location notification scheme vocation uninterruptedness cunning. Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, 11(2), 70-80.