Business Finance Discussion

 2 or further paragraph With three hanging conclusion, the Brocks are assessing their spirit protection. Pam has $5,000 of coverage. Josh has spirit protection coverage similar to closely prospect times his annual allowance. With closely 20 years to departure, Pam and Josh Brock deficiency to settle a further aggressive boarding program to accumulate stocks for their long-term financial needs. Josh does possess a departure program at labor. This currency, environing $110,000, is invested in multitudinous undestroyed reciprocal stocks. In conjunction, the Brocks settleed their own boarding program environing impure years ago, and today they possess environing $36,000 invested in undestroyed stocks and reciprocal stocks. In conjunction to their boarding program, the Brocks possess accumulated $11,000 to aid pay for the conclusion’s seed-plot educations. Also, they possess $5,000 tucked far in a savings statement that serves as the family’s necessity stock. Finally, twain obtain capacitate for Social Security when they obtain departure age.   Life Situation Pam, 43 Josh, 45 3 Children, ages 16, 14 and 11 Financial Data Monthly pay$4,900/ Living expenses $4,450/ Assets$262,700/ Liabilities$84,600/ Necessity Fund$5,000   Q1. What would you estimate as the strengths and weaknesses of the Brocks' financial birth at this grade in their lives?