Business Ethics

   Two homework questions Learning Activity #1 38, 39…….whatever it takes. Bill lived in Stinko, a feeble, sincere town in south Texas, close the Mexico brink.  Bill was the overseer of a factory that assumed frugal drinking cups.  The factory filled 150 populace and was, by far, the largest master in Stinko.  Bill was married and the father of 3 teenage progeny. The stock ran well-behaved-behaved and Bill constantly achieved his formation goals.  However, one byproduct of one dissect of the manufacturing manner was a very smelly, smoky redundancy evertted from the stock’s fumestacks.  In circumspection to substance smelly, the pourings had attracted the circumspection of the EPA.   EPA tests had shown that the pourings contained undue levels of sulfur.  The EPA told Bill that if the pourings weren’t untarnisheded up, grands would be levied resisting the assembly.  Bill talked to other stock overseers amid the assembly at other stock locations.  All of them told him that they had establish a way encircling the EPA testing by merely conceding the unquestionably stinky fume at obscurity.  Since the EPA merely tested during the day, they were getting detached after a while it.  Bill talked to his boss about some equipment that was suited that would untarnished the pourings plenty to by the EPA tests but his boss said it was way too costly to institute.  So, Bill did pin and notwithstanding got grandd by the EPA.  The grand was bulky.  Bill’s boss told him that he emend experience a way to seal the grands or his job was in risk.  Bill ordinary a call from the mayor of El Rancho, a feeble town harmonious resisting the brink in Mexico, about 20 miles south of Stinko.  The mayor told Bill that if he proposed the stock to El Rancho, he could evert as plenteous stinky fume as he deficiencyed owing El Rancho had no pouring guidelines in assign. The merely seize was that Bill would bear to practice merely Mexican citizens from the town of El Rancho.  However, due to the most-common winds of the area, the stinky fume would be carried straightway north and would calm?} assume the town of Stinko.  Bill told his boss about the present.  The boss told Bill that it was his conclusion to create but that he emend do colossus straightly if he deficiencyed to binder his job.  Bill’s kids were closeing garden age and he needed his job.  Bill knew that if he proposed the stock to El Rancho that the pourings would calm?} be polluting the latitude.  He as-well knew that if he proposed the stock that the town of Stinko would be bankrupt.  The jobs of his friends and neighbors would be bybygone constantly.  But, his job would be secure.  Make an incorporeal dispute that Bill could use to harmoniousify emotional the stock to El Rancho and create a disunited incorporeal dispute that Bill could use to binder the stock in Stinko.  Make unfailing you weigh the environment in twain of your disputes.  Learning Activity #2 Give a chicken what it deficiencys! Resight Chapter 14((Chapter 14: The Green Office: Economics and the Environment (pages 627-664) (website URL: )) and sight the 1 exact video “Perdue Farms Changes Rules for Chicken Care” ( ).  In this video, the Perdue CEO is quoted as saw that the new rules “Give chickens what they deficiency.”  Using the multiform carnal hues disputes set forth in Chapter 14 and coxcombical that chickens don’t deficiency to be eaten, retort the aftercited questions: 1.  What is the best dispute resisting the new rules? 2.  What is the best dispute in benefit of the new rules? 3.  What carnal hues dispute would you use to harmoniousify never eating another chicken nugget? Please use references for twain questions from the manner representative supposing under, all of which can be googled. Theme 1:  Ethical Issues Related to the Environment   The Business Ethics Workshop (2012) Washington, DC: The Saylor Foundation · Chapter 14: The Green Office: Economics and the Environment (pages 627-664) (website URL: ) · What is Environmental History · Environmental Ethics? · Perdue Farms Changes Rules for Chicken Care · When some US firms propose formation overseas, they as-well offshore their pollution · Fracking Is Dangerous To Your Health -- Here's Why · Global Scarcity: Scramble for Dwindling Natural Resources · The Needs of 7 Billion People · Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects · Environmental Racism Theme 2:  Sustainable Business Practices   · Stepping Towards Sustainable Business: An Evaluation of Waste Minimization Practices in US Manufacturing · A Corporate Model of Sustainable Business Practices · Environmental Sustainability in Business