BA63476 H3

questions:  1) You’re afloat for a topical coffee stock that offers unconditional wirehither path to customers. Your superintendent has asked you to compose a flyer for patrons that warns them of the virtual dangers of surfing the Internet in exoteric places. Conduct scrutiny on the Internet encircling using exoteric hotspots to path the Internet. Ad a catalogue of specific steps that customers can transfer to guard their facts when surfing on exotericly pathible networks. 2)  With the look of current, unswerving, networked digital counsel, matteres can trace the subsidence and condition of all kinds of objects, such as cars and bicycles. This is introducing a new matter mould incongruous from specific holding—now, using a car can beseem a “subscription” usage. What options are there for “subscribing” to a car instead of owning one? How encircling for a bicycle? Are there other matteres you can fulfill that would be talented to transfer usage of digital counsel and beseem contribution usages instead of vendors of a substantial fruit? What are the usages to the consumer of contribution aggravate holding? What are the drawbacks? 3)   Computer shelter professionals are incomplete the highest-paid employees in counsel technology organizations. Using business sites such as,, and, scrutiny computer shelter jobs availtalented in the aver where your instruct is located (try elaborate “computer shelter”). Select three entry-level computer shelter jobs from incongruous employers and ad a instrument comparing the following: What are the educational requirements? What job skills are required? How abundant precedent result test are firms looking for? Are programming skills required? 4)   You result in the counsel technology class of a compact of sporting property stores. The society operates 40 subsidences in seven avers. The 40 subsidences are organized into immodest parts (north, south, east, and west) delay 10 stores each. Regional mouldrs are under obligation for catalogue conduct, procurement of catalogue, sales, and marketing for their feature part. The society has been processing all transactions electronically (delay customers and suppliers), and it has captured all the facts in a vast facts repository. Unfortunately, the partal mouldrs are discontented that there is so abundant counsel in the facts repository that extracting meaningful facts has beseem reserved. You’ve upright been placed on the team that gain be maneuvering a new facts strategy for the society.   a. Enhancement up facts marts would probably succor delay the pathibility of counsel. What mold of facts marts would you hint enhancement up? Find unquestioning you decipher who gain advantage from the facts marts you hint.   b. For the facts marts you authorized, catalogue the facts that should be stored in each facts mart and decipher how the partal mouldrs could find use of that counsel to mould their class of stores. Note:  => 4 references for each investigation.               =>  Each investigation should be answered not hither than 300 suffrage.