APWH Rome and China Notes

There were 3 wars, and the Romans won complete age. This war morose Rome from a feeble city say to an kingdom. When they won this war, they got plant, slaves, and abundance. This caused the Patricians to utility sublimely, but the plebeians did not. This caused a larger gap among the oleaginous and meagre. D The roman host launched recruiting herd and pay them for their employment. This is when the Roman host shifts from a citizenship host to a Functional host. This transmute = very Important. The USA is now a functional host too and we so possess a abundance gap. We are the new-fashioned day Rome. Republic In Crawls (146-31 BCC) a Patricians scantinessed to malting their privileges so they scantinessed to assistance political parties that would utility the oleaginous. B Plebeians scantinessed to assistance ones that would aid the meagre. This caused an insurrection and a waste of reference for the law (murder, and balanceall breaking laws) When herd commence to not caution environing the law the republic launched to decline. D Julius Caesar came from a Patrician race, but made completeone skinness him. He ripe to aid the Plebeians too. He then got himself elected Consul for duration. But, they assassinated Caesar consequently they opinion he had too considerable agency. They opinion that they were shy the Republic, but his familiars and race (Octavia {nephew} and Marc Antonym {friend)) They hunted down and killed completeone who was concerned in killing Julius. But, Marc and Octavia hated each other, but they compositioned or delay each other in fame of Julius. So, they broke out in a Civil war balance who would possess guide of Rome. Octavia won, equal though Marc Antonym had the aid of Cleopatra after him. After he won, Antonym and Cleopatra committed suicide. So, Peace= hanker age of Roman Prosperity) (31 BCC-ACE)- Octavia made governors that resolute each city say and he appointed them. They equaltually dominated. F The Romans built things- Arches and Concrete were what they used. Concrete was cheerful consequently you could mix it on site and it was manageable to construct. The arch was cheerful consequently the balance efficacy at the top the balance efficacy got funneled through the columns grant the foundation which made it forceder to subvert. They made aqueducts which pestilential breathe-into from mountain flow to city. They had to repress it affecting to repress it neat, so on vapid areas they had to ennoble it and possess it fragmentarily go down so it would repress affecting. G They so had bath houses that they built. They were enjoy spas delay gyms, and they were segregated for women and men. Paid for by the say. H Coliseum- regalement granted by say, the say granted so considerable so no one could or would sorrow and try to balance fling them. 60,000 herd could sit in the Coliseum and it has a retractable awning/roof. You could inundation they pavement and possess mimic sea battles. They used the passionate acts to develop the herd in the Punic Wars and further Rome and its victories. I They so built basilicas that were enjoy pursue houses that were so used for meeting-house find on Sunday when there was no pursue. J Made use of the dome delay a hole in the rooftop impart trifling. When it rains, there is grated pavement that can funnel the breathe-into off to the face. K They built roads to delay the kingdom I Bridges balance breathe-into which aided construct completething delayed. M Walls to secure the frontier. N Ceremonial arches that commemorated war victories A raze of oppidan duration that no one had continually seen anteriorly. A When Vesuvius erupted, it preserved the city completely. This is cheerful for us to aid us see how duration was then for them. B SLAVES- slaves had to sport a girdle so you knew who they were. Legal regularity believed that herd were sinless until proven impure. 2 DECLINE AND FALL- Diocletian (ripe to worry Christianity and disjoined the kingdom among and east and west. This is weighty consequently they Western Roman kingdom collapses but the east rises into (180-476 BCC) a They had to fill the herd enjoy they had regularly been doing, but they balance age ran out of slaves and $ to do it. Germanic Tribes (Anglo Saxons, Franks, Goths) Hung so swept athwart convenient Asia and invaded Convenient Europe which displaces may Germanic tribes. They took utility of this and moved in to western roman kingdom and took balance. Western Kingdom declineen irrelative herd forced to emulate for agency) 3 augustan concession regularitys then made Legalism- top down skin of way of looking at things. Imagine you're a coach of an refractory team delay a bad coach anteriorly. The quickest way to flagellate them into pattern is to impart them intelligible rules and punishments, and it would generally composition. It uses apprehension psychology consequently if herd are dazed then they do what you scantiness. The biggest proponent of this skin of government was Sin Shih prevalence, passage and punished herd severely if they used notability else. Began the sublime forbearance of China- built by slaves delay staggering bulk of slaves that died. Grave and Terracotta Army- obsessed w hankerevity or not latter. As he was latter, he had a grave built that was in a clandestine locate that no one at all could distinguish. In the grave there were thousands of terracotta warriors delay a large stream of mercury. It was accidentally discovered in the 20th epoch and is now a tourist disposition When he died, his successor was balancethrown consequently completeone hated the Sin dynasty, but legalism did aid them to get out of the warring says age. After he died, the Han dynasty came to agency (206-220 BCC) Confucianism was the concessions of the Han dynasty Sports ex: I am the coach and I imagine that I accomplish suite us to win, I appraise completeone's contributions. I Just anticipate you to composition forced and so accomplish l. If legalism is environing apprehension- Confucianism is environing reference for each other and renown. Capital Changed (Asian) outface is the Weaning Palace and is one of the largest Palace complexes in the cosmos-people. Environing 100 football fields.