AP 2 Correction

Assignment: Getting to Know the Online Learner, Part II Grouping Information: Your Instructor earn shaft a series assertion that includes the names of fellow-creatures in your assigned bunch. Once you keep this counsel, asstrong your bunch members' inventories in Doc Sharing and prosper the instructions under to perfect this week's assignment. Plquiet continuity your Instructor if you keep not been assigned to a bunch. In Week 1, you perfectd an schedule exploring your procureingness for online acquirements. You besides wrote an partition Nursing essay to explore how those ascertainings authority govern your intention and training strategies in the online acquirements environment. For this Application, apprehend that the fellow-creatures in your assigned bunch are your new students. Analyze their schedule results to perceive amend each student's self-directedness, aptitude sets, acquirements styles, and determinations for interaction. Write a Nursing essay that haranguees the prospering: A compendium of your "prospective students" aptitudes, tests, and determinations What did you indicate encircling your "prospective students" that may keep alterable your perspective on how you authority instruct an online series? How authority you propitiate the differences unformed the multitudinous acquirements styles, tests, and determinations your students own? How earn you harangue these differences in intentioning and training your online series? When you originate training in an objective online acquirements environment, how earn you garner the counsel you nonproduction encircling your students? How earn the counsel direct your firmness making? (Assignment length: 2-3 pages) By Day  Group Member: Getting to Know the Online Learner This separate schedule earn be fixed on the digital residence schedule.  The condition of the self-direction earn be made in such that it earn keep a publication loop (Salmon, 2013). In this condition, at restricted times the schedule earn be reminding one to attempt a abandoned business as expected.  It can be in the contrive of messaging or a publication lively. On the condition of the acquirements determination, the schedule earn keep the facility of having a regularity where I can choice those areas which I earn constantly be using (Salmon, 2013). Delay this all the areas which I deficiency earn be in a subsidence. It can be enjoy a folder where this counsel is treasured for not-difficult asses when I deficiency it for use. When it comes to the con-over manner, the schedule earn deficiency to keep a agency where it can record the most visited areas. It earn be not-difficult to see which areas I am concentrating over as compared to the others (Murphy, 2013). I earn keep the fortuity of changing the acquirements demeanor and the manner in the way. It earn besides be exact in developing the correct counterpoise of the series which I earn be enterprise. When it comes to the technology and the computer aptitudes, one invention that earn be artless is that the regularity earn fashion a platcontrive where it can be used in divers gadgets.  This media that it can be similarityed through the phone or the computer (Bowers, & Kumar, 2015). It media that technology earn not be a summon at the end of the way. Also, quiet of similarity earn be a exact subsidy at the end of the way to compel unquestioning that everyinvention is aligned pleasantly. When intentioning the online acquirements position or platform, the prospering are momentous contents that earn deficiency to be considered.  One is having a publication loop which earn be sending messages to remind of strong elements. Second is the most visited position accommodation which earn be inseparable in making unquestioning that I earn be balancing the educational or the series requirements at the end.  The third is a regularity where one can treasure counsel which he or she deficiencys to use on the common foundation. Delay this, everyinvention earn be not-difficult to prosper (Bowers, & Kumar, 2015).  The quiet of use earn be an momentous content at the end of the way. In this condition, it earn enunquestioning that everyinvention is performed pleasantly and that one can similarity the position through phone or computer. References Bowers, J., & Kumar, P. (2015). Students' perceptions of training and collective presence: A proportionately partition of face-to-face and online acquirements environments. International Journal of Web-Based Acquirements and Training Technologies (IJWLTT), 10(1), 27-44. Murphy, D. (2013). Online acquirements and training delay technology: condition studies, test and experience. Routledge. Salmon, G. (2013). E-tivities: The key to free online acquirements. Routledge.