Professional Qualification Syllabus

SECTION NAME SYLLABUS KAPLAN (CHAPTERS) BPP (CHAPTERS) A FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FUNCTION  The kind and aim of financial administration Financial objectives and therelationship delay oppidan strategy Stakeholders and application onoppidan objectives Financial and other objectives in not-for-profit organisation The financial administration function Financial administration and financial objectives B FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ENVIROMENT The economic environment forbusiness The kind and role of financial markets and institutions The kind and role of importantMarkets The economic environment for matter Financial markets and the supply function The economic environment for matter Financial markets, important markets and institutions C WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT The kind, elements andimportance of established important Management of inventories, accounts receivable, accounts payable and coin Determining established important needs and funding strategies Working important administration8. WCM (Inventory regulate) WCM (Accounts receivable and payable)10.WCM (Cash and funding strategies) Working important Managing established important Working important finance D INVESTMENT APPRAISAL Investment appraisal techniques Allowing for inflation and taxation in DCF Adjusting for miss and irregularity in cannonade appraisal Specific cannonade decisions (Lease or buy; asset replacement; important rationing) Basic cannonade appraisal techniques Discounted coin stream techniques Further aspects of discounted coin streams Investment appraisal beneath irregularity Asset cannonade decisions and important rationing Investment decisions Investment appraisal using DCF methods Allowing for inflation and taxation10. Project appraisal and miss Specific cannonade decisions E BUSINESS FINANCE Sources of and eminence matter finance Estimating the consume of important Sources of finance and their not-absolute consumes Capital texture theories and serviceable considerations Finance for little and balance sized entities (SMEs) Sources of finance16. Dividend policy Financial ratios The consume of important Capital texture Sources of finance Dividend policy Gearing and important texture The consume of important Capital texture