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**** Need it by 11/13/2019 5 PM EST**** APA Format NEEDED MINIMUM of 2 JOURNAL ARTICLE REFERENCES NEEDED NO PLAGIARISM SUBJECT: Cyber Confidence Planning QUESTION1: (minimum 2 pages of pleased in confutation after a while 2 JOURNAL ARTICLE REFERENCES) Compare and opposition two irrelative outvie computing services (Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure).  Explain the unlikenesss and the similarities and chosen your precious of providers if you had to create the resolution for your duty.  Write up a similitude of the services offered.  QUESTION2: (400 signification after a while 2 JOURNAL ARTICLE REFERENCES) What do you judge to be the most compelling conclude to move instruction to the outvie?  What is your biggest confidence institution about doing so? SUBJECT: NETWORK SECURITY (Answer underneath each doubt after a while 3 to 4 lines) 1. List ways in which obscure keys can be exclusive to two communicating parties. 2. What is the unlikeness betwixt a meeting key and a conquer key? 3. What is a key classification nature? 4. What entities form a full-service Kerberos environment? 5. In the treatment of Kerberos, what is a country? 6. What are the first unlikenesss betwixt statement 4 and statement 5 of Kerberos? 7. What is a nonce? 8. What are two irrelative uses of public-key cryptography allied to key classification? 9. What are the imported ingredients of a public-key directory? 10. What is a public-key certificate? 11. What are the requirements for the use of a public-key certificate intrigue? 12. What is the meaning of the X.509 gauge? 13. What is a security of testament? 14. How is an X.509 certificate revoked?