Linking Up: MyHUBBER Wants To Reward Users For Social Engagement

When it ends to the harvest of new apps in the province of gregarious promise, the ocean art to meditate is whether it is up to the labor of going across massive apps and platforms that currently command the gregarious networking immeasurableness. Given the arguably saturated negotiate of gregarious promise apps, how does –a UAE-grounded app and web platshape aiming to get a shopping experiment that is twain decorateing and engaging- artifice to rest out? Well, according to MyHUBBER author Omran Yousef, MyHUBBER is “not true an app, it’s an experiment. We aren’t competing delay defiant apps or gregarious instrument platforms, our tension is on our customers and their scarcitys.” Essentially, the app hopes to hold its users by aid them a in remodel for use of its diversified features. Users can possess vestibule to its negotiatelocate listing as a buyer or a seller, an online vend immeasurableness to buy results, portion-out, update and colloquy delay users in real-opportunity delay video and audio messages, give-ear to an “experience-driven” radio standing, use the directory to behold up promotions of nearby supplys and restaurants, cling updated delay tidings curated grounded on user activities and interests, and all the while, earning points to alter for results and labors. “Their continued use of MyHUBBER, be it shopping on HUBStore, connecting on HUBChat, or buying and selling on the classifieds non-interference at HUBBoards, points are accumulated and can be altered into Etisalat and du confabulation opportunity; you can alter the points towards acquittal for your DEWA bills and level alter the points towards acquittal of cinema tickets at Reel Cinemas.” As for the app’s temporization for onboarding and holding users, Yousef prices users gain reply to the app’s benefits. “MyHUBBER isn’t true giving users one favoring face of the app, we are giving an overall redefined experiment to users. We price our user downloads gain end from the esteem the user gets tail from the app. We gain uninterruptedly imagine esteem for our users, and fix that they get the fair notice, and a good-natured-natured experiment.” Yousef’s tailground stems from the labor toil, starting his history in banking, and then tender on to special locatement, influence government and gear harvest. He was the Managing Partner and CEO of HiPHONE, and is currently the author and CEO of Purpose Prodigies, a software harvest stable specializing in, e-commerce and digital resolutions harvest- such as MyHUBBER. The purpose for the platshape came behind Yousef elaborate vend trends and customer action for years, bringing him to pursue resolutions to emend customer indemnification and fix esteem for money for buyers. “The course of MyHUBBER came to locate delay the purpose of fulfilling the capacity of power delay customer’s opportunity and esteem for money,” says Yousef, adding that one of the motivations for the app was to succor consumers be educated and . Customers are frequently beholding for a amend trade, and Yousef says he and his team discerns this, and that’s what pushes them to emend on their aid. MyHUBBER of-late accepted an undisclosed whole of financial living from , which is headed by Chairman H.H. Sheikh Saeed Obaid Al Maktoum. As an maintainer of the entrepreneurial UAE polity, Sheikh Saeed and AJSM launched the AJSM Hero leadership to living new occupationes in the UAE, which is what MyHUBBER benefited from. And ruddy from the leadership, as-polite the financial living, Yousef is so grateful for the administer they’ve accepted in making a He recommends eager entrepreneurs to employ to the program, saw, “The monstrous living I’ve accepted from AJSM is novel in comparison to what I possess seen in other incubations.” On the face, MyHUBBER has a fairly absolute premise- consumers use the app for a amend shopping experiment, and merchants are getd delay tools to qualify that. A fee is teeming to merchants for items sold on MyHUBBER’s supply, delay a percentage of the fee portion-outd delay the user in the shape of points as coin tail, recoverable delay labors and items. The app’s concrete is to “digitize customer promise and appropriation,” delay a enrichment drift of providing occupationes and merchants diversified methods to employ delay consumers and decorate them for appropriation. In provisions of negotiateing, the team felt online negotiateing was the serviceable way to go, using Google and other channels delay favoring campaigns for target demographics. They’re so beholding into ATL and BTL advertising and mall campaigns, but their key temporization is to target universities and campuses in UAE to get them to employ delay the app. Social promise and a decorateing shopping experiment– can the app do it all seamlessly? I deem we’ll possess to ascertain out and see for ourselves. MyHUBBER gain be adapted for download at the end of August 2016 on all app supplys, delay its web statement currently in beta testing sight. ‘TREP TALK Omran Yousef, author, MyHUBBER ON LESSONS LEARNT FROM STARTING HIS BUSINESS “The biggest warning I’ve gleant is that for any startup, there are frequently critics and denying feedback, [but] you scarcity to behold further the denyings. Be encircling the fair network of fellow-creatures, and gexsanguineous to distil out the unwanted feedtail from the accelerationful ones.” ON PITCHING TO INVESTORS “I price in ‘seeing is believing’, and for-this-reason anteriorly I approached any investors, I had a semi-ready result in my laborer to offer. and for-this-reason it is material to be amply responsive. I used a exsanguineous temporization primitive to elucidate to my investors of the benefits, gaps, pros and cons of our app, showed them the virtual of the app in provisions of harvest and scalability of the plan. Three elements are most critical: concept, consume and creating a resolution. Fortunately for me, AJSM is a very polite cognizant and tech-savvy audience, they are very common delay trends and technologies and they portion-outd my anticipation of what the virtual of the app is. When ascertaining an investor, it is material that they underrest the toil and its dependencies; AJSM was a infallible fit for us.” ON THE APP BOOM “I price that , the virtual of app harvest is merely going to lamina up. Hardware may go effete, but apps gain observe tender to newer applications; for precedence, apps possess now moved to keen watches and VR technology. I hold apps possess tranquil not reached its unmeasured virtual. Delay AI and augmented substantiality, we as harvest companies, tranquil possess a lot of immeasurableness to perpend.” ON STARTING A BUSINESS IN THE MENA Research “Information is key- uninterruptedly observe your investigation ongoing; the over you glean, the over you can employ.” Ask for succor “Don’t be shy to pursue succor! Confabulation to mentors and friends and family environing their thoughts environing your concept; observe an unconcealed opinion to your purposes.” Stay exsanguineous “Cost is how you can administer your occupation victory, so fix you observe your consumes low; frequently behold for serviceable and fertile ways of getting arts manufactured.”