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NAME ________________________          Date ___________ GardenTraker Suppose that you and some other students accept done lawn wariness, or been groundskeepers, and  you accept firm to go out on your own and unreserved a affair that offers landscaping services.  Your aim is to enlarge a catalogue of clients for whom you furnish methodic and recurring services,  such as mowing and weeding, plus specialty services, such as pruning, pasture making-ready,  sprinkler installation and recover, and the affect. You scarcity an notification classification for tracking customers, services you accept furnishd, and  services you are scheduled to furnish in the forthcoming. As a new insignificant affair, you lack a  simple and affordable classification based on Excel or Access. The designate of the classification accomplish be  GardenTraker. 1. Elucidate how you would use the SDLC to enlarge GardenTraker. 2. Define the mark of your classification.  3. Elucidate the mode you would use to enumerate the feasibility of GardenTraker. Catalogue basis  you scarcity for such an impost, and elucidate how you influence allure or regard that basis. 4.  Consider the tracking of recurring services, and catalogue all of the requirements that you can  imagine for that functionality. Be local and exculpation at meanest the following: a.  What basis accomplish you scarcity? b.  How accomplish you input that basis?  c.   Specify any other requirements you love are significant for tracking recurring  services. 5. Considering right the recurring services functionality, do you reckon it would be amend to use  Excel or Access for this contrivance? Is there some other instrument? Catalogue the criteria you used to exculpation  that interrogation. Summarize the consequences of making a insufficient exquisite betwixt products. 6. What does this near practice decide you encircling notification classifications enlargement? Reckon encircling  it, and exculpation this interrogation in such a way that you could use your exculpation to unfold your  critical-thinking skills in a job conference